Houston Postgame Thread

Wow, great shooting night. 59 percent for the game! Houston played very well, but Niners outscored them 48-26 after being down 45-43! You’d never know this was once a close game. It improves the Niners to 7-2 in the conference. And we are a half game out of 1st, tied in the loss column with Louisville and DePaul.

So glad to see us finally wrestle a game away and finish strong.
EB, Leemire and EJ all played great. We would seriously suck without Eddie.

Got to wonder if Mitch was hurt…good # of assists, but no points? Anyone know? I’m gonna listen in to see what Lutz says if Yahoo doesn’t cut me off…

I’m waiting…

Mitch was quiet.

Great finish.

The 2nd half really topped off everyone’s game tonight. Only person that didn’t have a good game was Nance, due to stupid fouls.

Curt/Iti/EB dunking at will. Plav lights it up from outside. GW and EJ come through when the team was cold to start the run in the 2nd, and Mitch racks up the assists.

Interesting stats for the game:

24 total assists on 29 made baskets. Compared with 12 TOs

Mitch had 0 points… but had 8 of those assists!!!

Speaking of FTs… our 2nd straight good game. We really came alive in the 2nd at the line to end up at 79% (26-33). EJ was the only player to miss more than 1 FT! (who only missed 2)

EJ scored all 8 of his points from the line. 8-10 FTs.

Plav 50% from Three (6-12).

EB for Pres - 19pts (7-11, 1-2 from 3, 4-5 FTs), 9 Boards, 5 Assists, 5 Steals.

Curt for VP - 21pts (8-13, 5-6 Fts), 4 Boards (all offensive), 3 Assists, and 3 Blocks.

To clarify that tied for 1st thing, us and DePaul actually have one less win and are a half game behind Louisville. But we are tied in the loss column.

I would hate to be the team that plays Louisville next, and I am glad that St. Louis will be coming off a win and not a loss.

[i]Originally posted by Florida49er[/i]@Feb 9 2005, 09:14 PM [b] I'm gonna listen in to see what Lutz says if Yahoo doesn't cut me off... [/b]
Don't have to worry about that if you have access to Time Warner Cable, channel 22.

I really thought the substitution of Leemire for Mitchell set the tone in the second half.
He came out strong, and drove to the basket at will. At the time Mitchell was really struggling with his handle, but finished the game strong.

[i]Originally posted by Florida49er[/i]@Feb 9 2005, 09:14 PM [b] So glad to see us finally wrestle a game away and finish strong. [/b]
No kidding. We can never seem to bury teams and we end up letting them hang around. It was really nice to see us put a team away tonight and not let up down the stretch. It's much less stressful being a Niner fan on nights like tonight. :)
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That first half was horrible. We played down to our competition. I can only hope we don’t do that to St. Louis because we have to put them away early…

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Houston Chronicle write up

That article in Houston’s paper was more about us and less about Houston. Nice write-up for us.

Haven’t had a chance since I got back from the game last night,to give my props…which i’ll follow with my only negative on the game.Eddie was awesome,what can you say! Goldwire really brought some energy in the 2nd half,looked like he’s really getting more confident every game.I also thought Mitchell might be hurt…if he’s not than he needs to step up his offense a little bit.Curtis was a monster on the boards,his outside shot seems lacking from last year,but if we get him the ball down low…he’s great.E.J.,in my mind,was great the 2nd half…he’s really proving to be a very good passer(worked great with Curt and Eddie the whole 2nd half) he can put the ball on the floor,and,for the first time,when we were a little small without Curtis in the 2nd half,he really showed some moxy under the boards.I also gotta say,the addition of Lee E.J. and Nance and how they help our once attrocious free throw shooting is unbelievable.It’s a rare and great feeling to have confidence with our guys going to the line…what a difference it makes…OK,heres my only gripe…I know Plavich shot great from 3-land,but at least 3 times in the 2nd half,when we were up by double digits and should have been using some clock…he came down and fired a three instantly.I know our game is run and shoot…but in those situations,it was stupid…and i’m saying it even tho he made most. Yesterday it didn’t hurt us,in the tourney it could. Lutz can’t let guys just do whatever they want. Plus I also gotta say,Plav is really a liability on D,his guy was going around him constantly,like he had cement shoes.Hope I don’t sound too nitpicky…the guys came out in the 2nd half and were great!!