How do you "ignore" a poster?

I’ve searched topics and see where this was/is a feature of the forums. None of the previous posts explain how its done though.

You just joined the board 15 hours ago, and you already want to ignore someone? I would tell you if I knew how, but I don’t. Let me just wish you good luck, because being a Niner can be a contact sport.

I apologize. You don’t have to ignore me. I’ll be better…promise.

Last guy didn’t last 11 hours before ignoring me.

I’ve been on the boards for years (much longer than my profile shows) and would like to know as well. Mostly due to one loser who most likely lives in his mom’s basement.

But moms basement is awesome. She brings me meatloaf

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Kudos. I like a good a meatloaf. My mom’s specialties are lasagna and million dollar chocolate cake but her basenent is only mediocre.

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Meatcake + Mom’s Basement + Porn = Nirvana

Clt lives in the zep not his mom’s basement.

clt says you ignore a poster by not reading the poster’s comments on the chat page.


lol, I have a good idea who lives in the basement. They only know how to speak in third person and troll nearly everybody on the board with a “look at me, I’m special” attitude.

Wait, is it clt that’s got your goat?

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