How is this healthy for MLB? ⚾

To put this in perspective, this is almost twice the gap between top and bottom FBS budgets, and we know that disparity is absolutely problematic for that sport:

Baseball has no excuse. MLB is a single organization. College football needs to figure their shut out. Too many voices.

Guardians! What a stupid name

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Actually it’s not apparently. My neighbors are from Ohio and the name comes from a bridge going into Cleveland. There are a couple of figures on the bridge that are “Guardians” so there is some context.

They actually like the name. Not judging either way, just telling what I was told…

Didn’t know that. Thanks.
Still think the name and changing it was ridiculous.
One man’s opinion.

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Agree totally, this PC shit has gone waaaaay too far imho…


clt says 8 different WS champs in the last 8 years. that is good.

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Yeah I feel the same. Seems like a stupid name to me but if the people there get it then I guess that’s all that matters. I remember national media laughing some at hornets.

Anyone wanna talk about the finances?

I don’t follow baseball much anymore, but I see a lot of replies along the lines of “Dodgers bought themselves an all-star team”.

I used to hate when the Yankees did that. Not cause I hated the Yankees. I just think buying championships is bullshit.

Ironic that a fan of school that adopted a nickname that has to be explained by a short essay would think that “Guardians” is a stupid choice. At least the general public in Cleveland understands the meaning, unlike the general public in Charlotte. vis a vis “49ers”

Edit: and yes MLB salaries are fucked up.

The MLBPA is against a salary cap in any form. The luxury tax isn’t holding the large market teams back from spending, so you get budgets that look like that.

I don’t see it changing anytime soon because the players drive it. They benefit from it. Owners haven’t been hurt by lack of attendance, so they have no reason to change.