How many home football games have you been to?

I battled through Ebola to make it to my 12th Niners home football game today. Now we have to wait 9 months until the next one.

Every home game, and the Charleston Southern away game last year.

Every one !

…+ @ presby last year & 3 road this year: campbell, g-w and citadel. Plan to go to ga. st. in Hotlanta next year, at least, until full sched comes out. ;D

I’ll be honest. Went to the first 9 games. Missed the last 3.

We had family/friends outing planned for the Coastal game (and I had a feeling we would get blown out anyway). Wesley - didn’t want to watch a DIII team. Today my buddy who I have tickets with wanted to go with his entire family and asked if he could use my ticket. Sure. Honestly, it was hard to watch our defense try to play against like competition.

I’ll be back next year and excited for the firsts of DI games and CUSA games.

Year 1: 4/6, 2 away games

Year 2: 4/6, 3 away games

I manage a restaurant, so getting off on the weekend is pretty tough for me. If I worked a Monday through Friday schedule, i wouldn’t have missed a game. 3 of the 4 home games I missed, I was able to give my ticket away to alumni who hadn’t been to a game yet so the seats were used; and who knows, maybe they were sold on buying tickets for themselves after seeing a game.

Season 1: All 6 home games, 2 away games. 8 total.
Season 2: All 6 home games, all 5 away games. 11 total.

19 in all. This season has been an adventure.

Year 1 5/6 Home, 1 Away, and Spring Game
Year 2 6/6 Home, 1 Away, and Spring Game

All of them.

Being that I work in retail I really thought I was going to have a problem here and there, especially this season with some home games later in the season. But nope, made it to all of them and I hope to continue to do so.

1 home game last year, 2 away.

1 home game this year.

I live in richmond, va tho

Year 1 - all home games, 0 away
Year 2 - 4/6 home and 2 away

All games both years.

I’ve made it to all of our home games so far and the road game at Elon. 9 1/2 months until the Hose comes to the Rich.

Only half of them, thanks to a work schedule that has me working some Saturdays in the fall, plus being out of town for 3 of them as well. I guess this makes me a bad fan. I admit, I feel little guilt since I still go to almost all the basketball and baseball games, plus most of the soccer games.

For 2 of those games, I brought guests who attended school with me and they expressed interest in purchasing tickets once we “start playing games against better schools with bowl games at stake”.

I commend those of you who managed to attend all of the games. Keep up the good work.

All 6 last year and 5 this year (missed Charleston Southern for a family trip).

5/6 in 2013 + Spring
5/6 in 2014 + Spring

2013: 6 home games and Spring.
2014: 6 home games, 3 away (Campbell, NC Central, and Elon), and Spring.
All traveled from Apex, North Carolina.

6-for-6 both years. Never missed a game at The Rich!!

I went to all home and away games this year. Saw all home games last year and went to 2 away games last year.

2013: 6-6 @ The Rich, Spring Game plus JMU
2014 6-6 @ The Rich, Spring tailgate, no road games