How many home football games have you been to?

Year 1 - 6/6

Year 2 - 4/6

Year 1 - 5/6

Year 2 - 6/6

ALL of them.

Year 1 6/6 - 4 away

Year 2 5/6 - Unexpected illness so missed Coastal. - 5 away

Year 1 - 4/6 from Alexandria, VA
Year 2 - 5/6 from Charlottesville, VA

I went to all of them last year + 1 away game. I went to 4/6 this year. I was in Europe for one of the games and honestly just didn’t feel like going to the Wesley game.

Year 1: 6/6, + Spring Game
Year 2: 5/6, + Spring Game

Here’s to hoping year 3 finds more of us in the stands and better than expected results!

Year 1: 6/6
Year 2: 6/6

And… 11/11 total this year. Feels good to be able to attend every football game this year.


22 and counting…

22 home games? Did i miss a few games and not know about it?

22 home games? Did i miss a few games and not know about it?[/quote]
Lol sorry. Didn’t see the home part of the topic. Read it as “How many football games have you been too?”…so home games, 12

2013 5/6 (missed Central, stupid sister getting married for the 2nd time)
2014 5/6 (missed Smith, 50 year old friend married for the first time combining with wife parents 50th wedding anniversary, listened on radio I the car in Greensboro, sweated through suit)
Made Campbell and Central on the road.


All but one, last week vs. Wesley.

Waited my whole adult life for this. Never missed a home game ever. Never missed a second at home. Missed two away games this year. Students and Alums that don’t show can suck it. I drive 2 hours one way to home games.

Year 1: 6/6

  • Took my father (a Chapel Hill fan) to every inaugural season game.
    Year 2: 5/6
  • Bought a beach place. Closing and renovations. Still listened on radio. Good excuses imo.

Everyone so far

clt isn’t allowed out of his house.

Went to 5 both years.