How the P5 stacks the deck in football. Example: SEC

In 2014 the total revenue College Football Playoff revenue was $402,939,299. Rather than split the revenue equally amongst the 10 members of FBS it was decided that 5 conferences would receive 80% of the revenue, and the other 5 wold receive 20%. That means the P5 received $321,867,698 and the G5 received $81,071,601.

At this rate, over the 12 year lifespan of the CFP contract the P5 are on pace to earn $2,889,553,164 MORE than the G5. That’s $2.9 Billion. with a “B”. Remember that the next time the P5 complains about the G5 holding them back from offering additional financial benefits to student athletes.

This contract insures that the rich stays rich, but more importantly, it insures that the poor stays poor. Why is this institutionalized poverty for half of the league so critical? It’s important because without it the P5 would lose their illusion of being vastly superior.

This fall the SEC will play 112 football games, 56 of those will be conference matchups and 56 of those will be against non conference opponents. We already know the outcome of the conference games- 56 SEC teams will win, 56 SEC will lose, 56 SEC teams will play at home, and 56 SEC teams will play on the road. The net result of conference games is an equal number of wins/losses and games played home/away.

The mythological dominance of the P5 is thus created in the other half of the schedule, the 56 games vs non conference opponents. There are 14 teams in the SEC, each team will have 4 non conference games. Here is a breakdown of the non conference schedule for the SEC in 2015-

Game #1.
-FCS opponent at home. 14/14 SEC teams will play an FCS opponent at home. Playing a team from a lower division at home is as close to a guaranteed win as you can get.

Game #2.
-G5 opponent at home. 14/14 SEC teams will play at least 1 G5 opponent at home with no option for a return game. Playing a member of the same league that is financially crippled by an 80/20 revenue share insures the SEC team will have more resources, better talent, and a home field advantage with no risk of making a return trip on the road. It’s as close to a guaranteed win against another league member as you can get. This is not by accident.

Game #3.

  • G5 opponent at home. 12/14 SEC teams will play a second G5 opponent at home.
  • P5 opponent at home. So Carolina will play 1 of 2 P5 teams at home. (UNC and Clemson)
  • G5 opponent away. Vandy will play 1 of 2 G5 teams on the road (MTSU and Houston). MTSU is 37 miles from campus.

Game #4.

  • G5 opponent away. 4/14 SEC teams will play a G5 opponent on the road. None of these 4 teams will play a P5.
  • P5 at home. 6/14 SEC teams will play a P5 opponent at home (So Car will play two)
  • P5 on the road. 2/14 SEC teams will play P5 teams on the road (LSU at Syracuse, Georgia at Georgia Tech_
  • P5 neutral- 2/14 SEC teams will play a P5 team at a neutral location.

Out of 56 non conference games in 2015 the SEC will play-

11 games v P5
45 games v non P5 (31 v G5, 14 v FCS)

47 home games
7 away game
2 neutral

  • The SEC plays 40% of all games scheduled vs competition that have a deliberately engineered financial disadvantage.
  • Scheduling 45/56 OOC games vs non-P5 allows the SEC to benefit financially from an additional 19 home games while avoiding the travel costs of 19 road games.
  • only 12.5% of SEC non conference games are true road games.
  • only 3.5% of SEC non conference games are P5 road games.

This is how you stack all the chips in your favor. There is no such thing as fair competition in FBS college football, the system is rigged. When are the fans of the ones getting screwed going to stop talking about how they can get their team into the group of Haves and start talking about how to change the system all together?

At least we have football?

What is more telling is that this has been posted for 2+ hours and everyone is kinda like…yeah…we know. Not a knock on you, NA. It’s just that we are conditioned on this now.

That was a great write up NA. Thank you. But I don’t see how the hell the G5 could do anything about it other than self regulating to a new defacto FCS and that might be worse financially and no one is going to go for it. They are always going to hold out hope that they might move up.

Here is the rub.

The current status quo is absolutely perfect for the P5. They have no reason to change anything and the only way real change would occur is if they imposed it.

I think we are stuck where we are and we all just better enjoy having football.

As someone posted months ago, maybe that small stadium of ours is going to be a positive. Cost containment and budgeting may just be the key app of the future G5 Athletic department.

clt says the whole thing will blow up soon.

Why would it blow up? It’s generating a lot of $ and fun for a lot of people. What would blow it up? It’s self perpetuating and their are a lot if influential people who wish nothing but the status quo to continue.

clt says title 9.

Solution: Find a way to bring value to the P5 and join.

I like football, but all of this is why I don’t get ridiculously excited about football. It’s kind of like “know your place,” and I don’t like that.

And NCAA basketball isn’t like that how?

And NCAA basketball isn’t like that how?[/quote]
The “little guys” do stand a MUCH greater chance to do big things in bball.

And NCAA basketball isn’t like that how?[/quote]
The “little guys” do stand a MUCH greater chance to do big things in bball.[/quote]This.

There is no 3 point shot in college football.

Size and speed reign supreme in college football…and there just aren’t that many guys out there that are 6’5, 300+ pounds, and still athletic. There are plenty of guys that can drain the three ball though.

Obviously the little guy doesn’t stand much of a chance to win the national championship in college basketball as results attest, but in the last decade you’ve had George Mason, VCU, Wichita State, and Butler all make the Final Four / finals. Something like that will NEVER happen in college football, even if there were G5 representatives in the playoff. The disparity in talent is too great to go on a 3 or 4 game tear upsetting multiple teams that have way better athletes than you.

clt says title 9.[/quote]

The P5 will not blow up due to title 9. They have more than enough revenue to find whatever it takes to keep gender equity in place.

The G5 and below??? Who the hell knows. But whatever happens to us will not affect the P5. They can fund anything.

Boise St and TCU before they went P5 could have went on a 3 or 4 game tear vs P5 tourney FB teams. Marshall, not so much.