How time flies

Now I’m an old fart. Cusa-talk was registered back in early 2001. Decided to hit the way back machine and pull a screenshot:


Good memories. Love to see the folks who have stuck with the program and the site through thick and thin (I see you in that screenshot @run49er) .

Mac, thanks again for all you have done to bring this community and fandom together. If it weren’t for the home you provided, a lot of what has happened to the program in the years since may never have occurred. I appreciate it, as I appreciate every member who has supported this site with their fandom and often their wallets.

Came here to make fun of you guys for being old. Then I realized y’all have actually seen the Niners be good at sports. Joke is on me.


Ah man, good times! CUSA Talk was awesome.

Yep. Seen the best and the worst since 1971. What a ride.