How'd the boys not cover?

I got the W, which I knew the Niners would get, but did’t make cover. When I saw we were up by 11, I thought I had it. What happened?


We were ice cold the whole game…had another late 2nd half spurt where we could hit a bucked/get a good look. Diener hit a couple 3s and it was a ball game again…

Plav have several shots rim in-and-out.

We did go to the line more than Depaul, however, it was extremely physical inside, and we could/should have went to the line more

Yeah, we missed a TON of shots tonight, especially in the first 10 minutes of the game. Lot of crappy calls tonight too. Not so many bad ones against us as there were no whistles blown on them. Take it any way we can get it though and you had to expect a close game against a team as talented and well coached as DePaul. No shame in not covering the spread against them.


Withers missed a dunk
Mitch missed 3 EASY layups and 2 contested layups
E.J. missed 2-3 shots around the basket trying to draw fouls while shooting
Plav had 2 4-footers rim in and out and 1 3ptr rim in and out

That’s how. Hit half of those and we win easily!!!

BEST defensive effort of the year though. 11 steals and most every shot contested…except Diener’s.