HUGE Women's game Wednesday, Tourney Implications

“One of the biggest games of the week will be the Dukes’ visit to Charlotte on Wednesday.” -Charlie Creme,

Alright, time to get back on my women’s basketball soapbox.

But no seriously, this really is a huge game for the ladies.

Not only for the Pink Out (pink tees to the first 500 fans, monies divied up for breast cancer research), but also because this game has numerous tournament implications.

According to Charlie Creme (the Joe Lundardi of women’s hoops), the 49ers are currently the last team on the “next four out” list, with Duquesne (20-7) on the “last four out” list for the NCAA tournament.

The 49ers record against RPI top-100 teams is 6-5, but their final two games (Duq and Sat. at Bonnie) are against such teams, so if they can win out and move that record to 8-5, a nice run in the A-10 tourney should get a serious look from the committee.

The 49ers were “in” last week as a 10 seed, but took a bad loss to a 9-win La Salle team on Weds.

BOTTOM LINE: 49ers NEED to win Weds. (and likely Saturday)

WHICH MEANS: We need everyone who can make it to come to Halton and BE LOUD…as a couple of NNNers can tell you, this team can really make for an intense game, and Duquesne is no pushover this season. The game against #1 Duke in November had the place rockin’.

Shannon McCallum and Kendria Holmes’ last home game. Huge tournament implications. Only the 12th team in school history to reach a 20-win season. Money to breast cancer research.



Charlotte loses

It was a big game, right? :frowning:

It was a big game. The next one no longer matters.