Hurricanes trade Stillman, Commodore to Ottawa


I’m not a fan of this trade at all. Corvo is a good scoring defenseman…but Eaves is young and doesn’t fill up the stat sheets like Stillman, nor does he have the experience.

I dont even have to see who we’re getting to know im not gonna like this trade. Getting rid of Stillman and Commie? Come on!

Hate to see Cory or Mike go, but one (or both) were likely gone in July . They are UFA.

The key to this deal…will Corvo be a good scoring defenseman? If so, then they have improved the team this season.

The Canes defensemen have been incredibly painfully slow to watch to season.

Eaves ?? I don’t see immediate impact, he’s been injured part of this season. But he was drafted in the 1st round of '03 by Ottawa, so I think there is still some future there.

Rutherford said it several weeks ago that he needed to make changes but they were gonna come at a price. Would rather give up Stiller than Cole or Whitney (2 other rumored names in trade talk).