I call Payoff!

Let’s see under the new NCAA rule, So Cal’s TD at the end is ruled to not count (for a penalty during the run back,) so the game is 17-14. Two hours later, the Pac 12 overrules the Refs & the new NCAA rule, letting the TD stand, now the score is So Cal 23 Utah 14.

Vegas has an 8.5 line. The new score is 9. Suddenly lots of bettors have switched win to lose, & vice versa. Did anyone in the Pac 12 office have $ on the game? Did they just turn a losing ticket into a winning one?

Hell even Vegas is suspicious. The O reports this morning that Vegas casinos & gamblers have asked the state of Nevada to investigate who should or shouldn’t be paid on the bet.

You’re right. According to the new rule, if there is excessive celebration before the player enters the endzone, it is a spot-of-the-foul penalty. The spot would be where the extra players ran on the field, so there would be no td.

What I don’t understand, why wasn’t USC flagged for too many players on the field? Would that penalty not have given Utah the ball back? And since it is a defensive penalty, Utah would have one more untimed down. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes you’re right Loyal Niner, but you’re assuming that the Pac 12 Refs want a newby to have another chance to beat their “premier” team. :o