I don't want to see another friggin thread

We aren’t top 25, and every time we think we might be we lose. So stop getting excited.

Until we are ranked, i don’t want to hear any more about it

Couldn’t agree more! I hate our team right now!

We are not anywhere close to being a top 25 team. That was the most uninspired Niner performance I can ever remember watching. It was almost like our players thought hey could just stand on the court and win automatically.

Give ECU credit, they wanted it more today and they got it…

I’m disgusted…

Same thing every year. THIS close to getting in and we lose to some bad team. Just gets predictable. Not a top 25 team by any stretch of the imagination. Andy Katz is somewhere in Bristol hiding under a desk right now.

No Doubt!! Andy Katz may be making a trip to the boss’s office Monday morning!


Top 25 teams don’t…

lose at home to Rutgers
struggle to beat UNC-A
struggle to beat Yale
lose to ECU

So much for all of that work getting our RPI up…here comes a sharp nose-dive!!!

to quasi qoute john fox, we are what we are. we are a top 30 team. we will make the tourney. we may win one game in the tourney and then we’ll be blown out.

we are one of the top 30 teams in the country. we crap the bed a few more times than a top 10 team.