I hate Carolina

Geez, and this comes a week after GT knocks off Clemson. That sucks.

GT is/was overrated. Don’t buy too much into that win over Clemson (who nearly got shut out yesterday) because the true Tech team was exposed yesterday in Chapel Hill. And this game had “Tarholes win” written all over it after Bunting ripped the team a new one earlier this week. Taking the Holes to cover the spread yesterday was easy money and I appreciate their contribution to my wallet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was pretty funny though listening to Woody Durham mock the Tech fans for leaving the game early. That’s pretty ironic considering how many Tarhole fans didn’t even bother to show up. Here’s hoping Louisville knocks them back down to reality next weekend.

jcl, I thought you would be at the State game today.

B) B) B)

Nope and I even put money on the Buckeyes. What’s the world coming to??? :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Who started this thread anyway?

[quote=“49r9r, post:5, topic:4216”]Who started this thread anyway?[/quote] Roy Williams. It was a long time ago.

Which btw, doesn’t “Late night with Roy” kind of sound like a gay porno?