I need help finding employees

Hey guys. I’m not sure this will help posting on here, but I’m trying to go outside the box. I’m sure others on here are employers looking to hire people. If you are going through the same thing as me right now, getting people to even show up for interviews is like pulling teeth. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a thread on here where Niners can help each other’s businesses out. I am a Niner alum, and I run a pest company in the Cornelius area. I have sales and technician jobs open. If anyone knows anyone who either has experience in the industry or is looking for a new career, please contact me. We offer very good benefits and 401k matching. Thank you.

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Hiring has been so difficult this last couple of years. We are in Huntersville and have the same issue. We used to get 500+ resumes and that literally dropped to single digits. We raised the base pay by 30% and still get bad resumes. Then when you contact them, they’re not really looking for a job. They just want to use the way you contacted them (email, voicemail, etc) to continue to get unemployment. I told our office manager to stop sending anything in writing and to leave an ambiguous message like “please call us”. We have set up interviews to where they no showed. We have interviewed and offered them the job only for them to no show. Our payroll has increased and the quality of employee has decreased yet our prices have stayed the same. To top it off, staff we do have all want raises regardless of how much business has or has not changed. They think time there is a reason to get a raise. They do not care about a bonus program in place that’s directly tied to overall business. They just want a higher base. It’s pushing me closer to retirement :joy:! Good luck man.

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This is a very random topic to bring back to life; however, I wanted to get some perspective from the employer’s side. I have two phone screenings coming up and could use any advice out there!

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Attitude matters - a lot. Lots of people have a degree.

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In interviews, they usually already know if you’re qualified (they may ask specific questions to clarify your experience or ask you to give some examples of what you did).

But just as importantly, they’re trying to determine if you will fit in with their group / office / etc. It’s about attitude, personality, whether you are generally affable, etc.

No manager wants to hire a headache, especially a toxic one, regardless of qualifications.

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Glad to hear non-educational characteristics matter still. I currently work at a place that find high GPA’s and PHD’s uncomfortably attractive, so thanks for the breath of fresh air!

Good to know! Likewise, I would not want to work for a toxic company… I would hope to be in the reject pile rather than dealing with that type of environment.

Don’t try to snow the interviewer if they ask you a technical question and you don’t know. Better to say you don’t know but you know how to find the answer.

Like the other guys said the personal qualities are very important.

You need to let the interviewers know you have work ethic, adaptability to work with all types of people and situations, honesty and humility.

If you’re young a piece of advice. If you get the job, let the older people on your team guide you. Find out who knows their stuff and take their advice. Older people like me look forward to helping the next generation coming up. Show enthusiasm, a willingness to listen, learn and take advice and you will have a rocket under you in no time.

Just make sure you pick good people to listen too. lol.

I tell people that work for me that if you just show up and give a damn I can train you the rest of the way. It is so hard to find people these days with those traits.


Fixed. Coming from someone who has someone working for yhem with the first two traits and not the last.


Thanks for your response. I’ll definitely make sure to utilize your first tactic, it’ll save the interviewer from my ramblings lol. I am fortunate enough to really like learning, so no lies will be needed!

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