Ideas for new Charlotte 49ers football traditions

What do you guys think about these football traditions to enhance the gameday experience and start our own unique traditions

  1. A ceremonious “stake our claim” pre -game tradition, in which Norm, spikes a pick-ax into a rock or pile of dirt to resemble the Florida St Seminole spiking of the torched spear
  2. Having our own theme song pre-game like VT does with enter sandman, possibly Queen- We will rock you, to keep with the 49er theme
  3. I know Healy has his own tradition, but we create a turnover pick-ax that the players can spike after every turnover
  4. We move the “gold nugget” that we have outside of SAC, and have the players rub the nugget as they run onto the field, it is actually gold ore with gold veins running through it, but it was found at Reeds gold mine and fits our theme, this would be like Clemson rubbing “Howards rock” before they run onto the field
  5. We create a hand gesture in the form of swinging a pick-ax forward that our fans do to motivate our team during the 49ers chant, similar to the Florida St and Atlanta Braves tomahawk chop
  6. We have a themed “gold rush” game, in which our football team wears a specially designed gold uniform with gold helmets, with the fans encouraged to all wear gold, the game selected to be the gold rush game should be the most important home game on the schedule, this is equivalent to Notre Dames use of their green uniforms that they use for special opponents
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Thanks for the list to get us started. Just needs time to simmer. :+1:

Winning gives rise to various traditions. It happens organically.

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  1. I think Norm grabbing the pick from a rock before running out on the field is more original.

  2. Yes, but this will come.

  3. No, I hope the ‘turnover junk’ is a fad.

  4. Again, I would prefer something more original than copying Clemson.

  5. Meh, the sooner the tomahawk chop is retired, the better (FSU might be an exemption).

I know I kind of dumped on your ideas, sorry about that. I prefer something more original, especially since Charlotte is moving up. Copying gives a little brother vibe that I would like to avoid.

You are at least presenting ideas. Iowa’s wave to the children’s hospital started just like this, on a message board. I think this board can get some good traditions started.

Need a kickoff chant. Whatever it is that we do currently is fairly anticlimactic.

Forty-Niner chant at Kickoff, any time we kickoff, would be cool. Everyone would know it, rather than now when it seems to happen without folks expecting it (but that’s better than no forty-niner chant echoing throughout the stadium).

Ah traditions. They’re best when born organically. They’re better and thrive when teams win. Once losing dampens spirit, traditions just become “old” to fans and die under the feet of rebranding and a new look.

Good for anyone who is trying, but I’ve been here since the Stone Age 70s and this is the evolution of Charlotte “”traditions “.

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Team intro HAS to get fixed. I go once a year - see it sucks and stay at the tailgate until right at kickoff. This is one thing that really can’t be organic. The AD has to figure something out. Ive heard some various suggestions they range for awful to good - but all still better than what we do. You want fans in before kickoff - do something that gets them hyped before kickoff.

I think the intro will become better too once we upgrade the video board. It’s amazing how immersive and engaging a larger/better screen will be at the Rich. A combination of a hype video and a song to pump ppl up will go a long way.

Here’s a video of UAB’s new video board. I hate always using their scoreboard as an example but this is one of the newest ones in the league and they have set the bar:

UAB looks big time now. Love it.

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I know we’ve been around the “intro song” discussion numerous times, but we truly do need a song that’s “our song” and will be forever. So that means probably something at least 20 years old already (like most big time college programs). Something classic/timeless (put me in the “Ecstacy of Gold” remix camp). The Norm pick axe spike on the 50 could be fun (or give that honor to a former player, etc. like the Panthers’ drum), or you could have some kind of rock set up at midfield and Norm spikes it open to reveal a gold nugget. Pushing Norm in a mine cart from the tunnel… there’s a lot of stuff to do.

Love them all. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. If it does not work, we can change it.

I like the pick axe, tommy hawk chop, idea. Fans will embrace it and add to the atmosphere.

When it comes to the video board, it can never be too big and can never have too many

Since the tunnel entering the field looks like the entrance to a mine I think you have to incorporate it.

I’m sure I’m showing my age but I always thought parts of this Queen song would make a great intro:

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Not as it relates to traditions but one of my favorite intros for the BBall team back when we were thumping skulls was on the old “light brite” board in Halton. There was a build up with a video prom the POV of a mine cart travelling thru a mine shaft gradually getting faster and faster until it busted out of the mine shaft…and that’s when the team entered and the fight song started. Always LOVED that and thought it would look even better on a high quality video board.

Maybe speeding thru the twists and turns and ups and downs of an old mine shaft then busting out into the middle of the city of Charlotte…building up to the entrance.

Oh…and always was a fan of the “Right Here Right Now” later the “This Town” halftime video of our BBall history in Halton too.

Good times all the way around.


I sent this suggestion to the powers that be but…

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

With the booms you show great hits from the past and great plays and add new ones as they occur. The players will want to get on the big screen.

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I still think the following is a hard hitting theme to come in with Come Get It - YouTube

I don’t own anything gold nor do I look good in gold.