If you hate the ACC, you will love this (sorry Big O!)

Found this gem on Sportsline.com

Link: ClayNation: Thank heavens for a break from ACC Madness

I’d say I have to agree with #8. haha

I read that whole thing and I was actually a little disappointed. Not that good.

I don't even have anything particularly against ACC schools, but the media hosannas are nauseating. If I didn't have to hear how spectacular every ACC school and every ACC player was each time I watched the teams play, I'd probably watch a lot more of their games with the sound on. As it is, I generally turn off the sound and cycle through the games on my DVR. I already know exactly what praise the announcers are going to heap upon the schools and players because I've been hearing the same scripted announcing for the past 10 years.

I can’t be alone in being so tired of also hearing the ACC schools lobby for each other to make the NCAA Tournament every year. I’m sure the predictable excuses will shortly follow now that only one of the ACC schools is playing more than a weekend in the NCAA tourney. In fact, I’m certain I’m beating the ACC apologists to the draw.


I’m pretty sure I’ve been to more ACC games than anyone on this board, but I (like many others) get fed up with all the overhype acc media crap… and yes, of course, I am also referring to the LOCAL media.

Dukie V must’ve hit the bars HARD after his beloved Coach K lost. I’m glad the ACC teams have lost, and I see another one losing after this weekend’s over.

[Quote=“Smartest Guy ever to work at CBS”]21. ACC schools were under-seeded. It’s a travesty of basketball justice that all seven ACC teams didn’t receive No. 1 seeds. Also, how come nobody is pointing out that the only reason the Big Ten has even a single team left is because Greg Oden has to decapitate someone with a samurai sword to get called for an intentional foul?

Isn’t that the F*ckin truth. I hate refs.

[QUOTE]The television screen fluctuation in size was the rough equivalent of watching Oprah diet.


That was great.

He’s also D.O.B.A. about Oden & the absurd pretentiousness of the ACC and its fans.

[QUOTE=Ruckus42;225724]I read that whole thing and I was actually a little disappointed. Not that good.[/QUOTE]
Like I wrote in the thread title, “If you hate the ACC”… :smile: