I'm going to Hawaii, CHEAP

I put this in the schedule thread but I figured it deserved its own thread. Me and my GF bought tickets last week to Hawaii Dec. 19-31 for $645. We purchased them on [URL=http://www.hotwire.com]www.hotwire.com[/URL].

What do I have to do to get tickets to the game now?

[SIZE=5][COLOR=#006400]If you want the same deal search on [/COLOR][/SIZE][URL=http://www.hotwire.com/][SIZE=5][COLOR=#004c26]www.hotwire.com[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=5][COLOR=#006400]. Im (WE)leaving from Raleigh (RDU) on the 19th. Hotwire is like priceline, you don’t know flight times till you buy, I’m on Delta, leaving at 11:AM stops in Cincinnati and Los Angeles, I get into Hawaii(HNL) at 9:30PM. I (WE)leave on the 31st at 2:30pm stop off in Los Angeles and get back to Raleigh at 6:21 am. Someone join me so we can go out for drinks, my girlfriend tells me Happy Hour is where its at…[/COLOR][/SIZE]

nice. get LOUD for the Niners!

Sounds like a great trip. Unfortunately, the wife wants to go south and visit her family for the holidays so I won’t be able to make the Hawaii trip. :unhappy:

I’m heading out to the big island on the 8th and will hit HNL on the 18th. We’re coming back on the 23rd at 11:55 PM… getting back on the 24th at 4PM. Since the championship game tip time is 7:30 we should be able to watch most if not all that last game if we’re in it. We’re going on points/miles…

Was this thing televised last year?

That’s a good deal, but who can go that long?
I was trying to go from 12/19-12/24 w/ the school.

That's a good deal, but who can go that long? I was trying to go from 12/19-12/24 w/ the school.

True that’s the benefit of not having to stay in a hotel… The airfare isn’t the problem its the $100+ night hotels are

Just got an email with Travel info through 49er Club:

$781 Airfare, roughly $1200-1400 for a week at the Outrigger on the Beach. 17th through the 24th.

Travel arrangements should be made through Robinson Travel.
Please contact Heidi Kelt at HKelt@travelrobinson.com or 704-358-7451.

Or Kelly A. Weatherman
Charlotte 49ers Athletic Foundation
Assistant Director
Charlotte, NC 28223
(704) 687-6024