Images From Charlotte vs. St. Louis

This game was so ugly the photo ops were not as good as with ECU. All can be seen at, but here are a few:

Coach Lutz Shouts Instructions:

Maybe Curtis has been a little slow this year because the dreadlocks are creating aerodynamic drag:

Eddie “B” - Concentration:

Curtis Surrounded by FOUR Bilikens:

Niner Cheerleader:

Curtis takes the shot that “Iced” the Game:

Another Win for Coach Lutz:

Great pictures. At a future home game would it be possible for you to go to the top of the arena and get a picture from up top? I would love to have a picture like that.

those pics are awesome. you are a hell of a photographer and must have an awesome camera

Wow, even the sorority girls were into it. They’ve got their fingers crossed and are agonizing like the rest of us. Maybe there is hope. Great pictures. Thanks.

[i]Originally posted by UNCCTF[/i]@Jan 16 2005, 10:22 AM [b]Great pictures. At a future home game would it be possible for you to go to the top of the arena and get a picture from up top? I would love to have a picture like that.[/b]
Ask and you shall receive!! Pre-game from CLT vs ECU:

section 104 is the rockinest section there ever did be

i love that picture of Curt’s putback… Sorority girls are cringing with anticipation… Frat guys are just puzzled… And you can’t beat Coach Dalonte’s face :smiley:

great pictures man! i dont know what kind of equipment you shoot with, but they look awsome. plus, you have a great eye for picking out hot girls. that cheerleader is by far the hottest on the squad(more pics of her??). can i too make a photo request for the Cincy game. Just a picture of Section 104 and a picture of 104 row A. 104 better be decked out in NINER NATION shirts by then and we front rowers have something very special planned for that game.

lets see this one more time…

The deaf cheerleader is the hottest!!!

Thanks man… I was thinking like, during the game with the seats full… but I’ve been looking for a good picture of the floor. I appreciate it.

What kind of camera do you use? Something out of the price range of a high school civics teacher, I presume?

My guess is a digital SLR with a 80-200mm f/2.8 lens

Great pictures once again old49er… Mike P., give this guy a job! :wink:

[i]Originally posted by Sideshow[/i]@Jan 17 2005, 12:13 AM [b]My guess is a digital SLR with a 80-200mm f/2.8 lens[/b]

Half right.

It is a digital SLR - a Canon EOS 20D.

The lens used for the ECU game was the 28-135mm/f3.5-5.6. That’s a pretty slow lens, so I had to use a very high ISO setting at ISO 3200 to get a fast enough shutter to stop the action (for those that know a little about photography you know what that means; for those that don’t , it’s like the old 100, 200, 400, etc. speed film).

For the SLU game, I used a 85mm/f1.8 lens - not as flexible as a zoom - but fast, so I could shoot faster shutter speeds at lower ISO, which results in somewhat better quality, sharper images. My seats are in row C near one basket, so the 85mm is about right for action around the basket. With a little cropping on the PC at home, you can get it framed just right.

I would love to have Canon’s 70-200/f2.8 lens, but it’s about $1,600 :frowning: It is the perfect length and speed for indoor basketball and can give you good shots at both ends of the court. A lot of the pros that sit along the baseline use that lens. Only other problem is, it’s big. I have a 100-400mm zoom that I use outside in bright light, but it’s too slow for indoor use and is big, too. Most of the aviation shots on my web site were with that lens.


She is THE hottness that moss is referring to. HP and Old49er if you promise me more of her on a per game basis, I’ll bring home the win Wednesday.

ross is wrong and ya’ll know it. but she is very talented. i’ve been watching her and her signals on how she communicates. very interesting. the cheer when everyone spells out N-I-N-E-R-S one at a time, she looks at someone beside her and they nood when she is suppose to throw up her letter. and instead of the guys saying “1 2 up down blue 42” or whatever they say before throwing girls in the air and looking up their skirts, the guy will squeeze her waist. its code. she is amazing at what she is doing. and she is hot while she does it. but not the hottest.

oh, and about picasso’s on wed, i forgot we probably wont be sitting outside this time for the game cause it’ll be so cold. i am going to rethink my decision on going. we shall see.

There also won’t be Tarheels there that night, or at least shouldn’t be.

Take over the bar.

They set up a tent for a game last year. I wasn’t in the tent, so I don’t know how it was. Any plans on doing this again?

If the last game was any indication, there’s no way that place can hold all of us. I’d love to go, but I’d rather not die of hypothermia in the process.