ImfromClayton starts the bye week pregame chat page

Well we can’t lose I guess

Early line has us 3 point underdogs.

We lose as long as we have Lambert!!!

Lambert will find a way to Lambert the bye week.

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Lambert is going to find some way to screw up my projects around the house…“aww shucks he was only 3-4 goofy decisions away from getting it done.”

I wonder if we will practice kick returns this week?

I thought that we had enough of practice on those the last two weeks.

I hope that someone on staff spends some time looking at the stats. You hear Lambert talking about how dynamic of a player Klugh is and they have to get him on the field, but the numbers show that Reynolds has better numbers. This is clearly not because Reynolds is a better runner, but because he is a better passer. When Kugh gets in the game the defense can stack the box and take the run away.

I have Reynolds with 22 rushes for 76 yards and 1 TD. That is a 3.45 yard/carry average with a longest run of 14 yards against ODU. Klugh has 14 carries for 34 yards or an average of 2.43 yards per carry. His longest rush was 12 against App. State. While Klugh got 12 yards on his 1st carry of the season against App. the rest of the game he went for 11 yards on 10 carries. The team went away from Klugh until the UAB game where Klugh was better with 3.67 yards per carry on 3 rushes. However, Reynolds carried a 4.33 YPC average on 3 carries against UAB.

Clearly Klugh has some wheels and can be an explosive runner. However, with no passing ability defenses will continue to stack the box and he will not be effective. With these numbers there is no reason that the staff should interrupt the game flow to bring in Klugh.

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Have the Mighty Weeks from Bye covered the spread yet?

We were a couple calls from the refs and a goofy play away from winning against Bye Week.

clt is proud of our effort this week

CLT says that now, but I would hold off until you see how we spent the off week game planning. My guess is that you will not be so pleased with the effort from this week.