In honor of the Charlotte 49ers Hall of fame.... the Badfan hall of fame

We have a notorious history of being very badfans. Nominate someone for the badfan hall of fame, and tell us why.

metro. Man, that guy is negative. He was good in college, you can check tape. But dang since then all I’ve ever seen him do is whine and complain.

Has anyone seen him be positive about anything in the last 15 years?

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He was positive about firing Judy Rose :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought that he may change his tune since Judy was fired. I thought his beef was with her mostly.

I’m coming to bat for Metro man. I don’t always agree with him, but the dude is passionate, and if were all honest, most of the time, he’s correct.

He cares a lot, and he called Judy being a dud way before anyone else did.

FWIW I started this thread as mostly a joke so we could tell goofy stories about SCK and what not.

Metro’s beef is about not being sufficiently respected. Judy, Phil, posters here, the people of Europe–nobody appreciates him as much as he does. He wasn’t breastfed as a baby.

Hum. Sounds familiar.

Think we need to define Bad Fans for some people. 49erAlumnus to my knowledge coined the term. During the previous regime fans who did not praise the Dear Leader and dared complain about the product and performance of our Athletic Department but still bought tickets and donated were deemed Bad Fans. Collie was most certainly not a bad fan because regardless of if he was right or wrong he walked away. He quit donating he quit buying tickets he quit supporting the program that gave him a college education. He doesn’t deserve the name Bad Fan. The idea was the AD at the time would have preferred us to act like Metro and just leave rather than what we did. You can’t write off a donor and season ticket holder. The folks that took rides on the Rambling Rose, stood up for Judy, defenders of hers - those were the Good Fans.

Bad fan of all time: Chapel Hill Phil.

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Actual bad fake fan…Uh Huh Guy. Just all around embarrassing for the fanbase. I remember a game against UNC Asheville a few years ago in Halton that if it weren’t for security, a UNCA fan would taken him out. He was screaming at their section all game for no reason.

I know he is Miami fan but not a good look when he has that Charlotte shirt on.

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The Uh Huh Guy also likes to stir controversy on Facebook. I remember a while back he posted a status complaining about how his Facebook friends were unfriending him in droves because they didn’t agree with his opinions and therefore they were “snowflakes”. I would always banter with him on his statuses and call him out when he was wrong. Well lo and behold, the antique unfriends me. Guess I was too mean to him.

He unfriended me too. I told him he was a big fan of the uhhuh guy, gave him hell for flashing the U in the salons the game after Miami punked us at Halton and told him he was Judy boot licker.

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A Judy boot licker just may be the harshest insult you can hurl as far as a Niner is concerned. It must only be used as a last resort & in the most desperate situations only.


I told uh-huh was a bitch at the away Campbell game for cheering that one of their players got hurt. I have not berated a human being for as long, nor as nasty, as I did him that night. He looks the other way when he sees me. Screw that guy.

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Cheering injuries is never OK