Increase your Donation

Just a reminder today. For 15 years we have all been overwhelmingly disappointed in our athletic programs. Today, for the first time in 15 years, FIFTEEN YEARS, we have the opportunity to be truly excited about something.

If you walked away, and were waiting for concrete results, they are here. We are bowling. It’s time. Call up the 49er club and buy in.


I gave some extra two weeks ago.

I had dropped my donations in half in recent years.

I doubled back up earlier this year
I completed a company match form for both donations
I donated again for this last Bahamas Donation push they put out

I’m trying to do my part…because I know where we can go with this leadership and I want to help get there as much as I can!!! I am hyped to help like I have never been before!!!


clt increased this year

If you’re an FSL holder, you have to donate a minimum amount anyway. You might as well get a free signed bowl photo and rally towel out of it.

Great reminder. This program is headed in the right direction and it can only reach its potential with an active and $upportive fanbase. Let’s show Hill & Co. that we are serious about our belief that we are building an Athletics Department where the expectation is championship seasons.

Is this tax deductible?

Donated through the Bowl link almost 2 weeks ago. Received no confirmation, email, or other notification. Also doesn’t show up on my donation history. I’m assuming they’ll get this sorted out?


My did get confirmed through the website. Check Twitter to see if you got a shout out.

Is this tax deductible???

They are tax deductible, but if y’all are able to deduct more than the standard deductible, my hat’s off to you

Good. Just chipped in.

Does this count toward your yearly athletic giving amount?

It does count towards annual giving!

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It does, but it has not shown up on my account yet. Maybe they are waiting until after the drive ends? I’ve recieved a separate thank you letter from Hummer for a donation I made after the crowdfund donation, but the CF one still isnt posted to my 49er Club account.

I did find it in their board so they have record. As @Noreaster said, hasn’t came through on 49er account but I’m assuming it will be posted in the new year. A letter from Mike Hummer usually follows

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Got this in the mail


But might wanna email the AD and tell them it’s upside down.