Incredible recruiting class...

I dont want to jinx anything by posting this, but what if our incommming 2006 class ended up being…

Ish Smith 5’11 pg: one of the most underrated pg’s in the country, probably will be top150 by the end of the summer

Cameron Tatum 6’5 sg: is ranked #113 right now, but will most likely move way up in the top100 this summer

Keith Clark 6’8 sf/pf: five star player, is ranked #11 player in the class. probably would be our first ever McDonald’s All American if he were to sign with us

Bernard Toombs 6’10 pf: tall and very lanky, but I’m sure preston greene would work wonders with him. apparently an excellent defensive player and fairly solid scorer

Roy Bright 6’6 sg/sf: (technically part of the 2005 recruiting class, but wont play til 2006) uber athletic wing who can shoot the mid range jumper, take it to the rack strong, and grab rebounds like crazy

We are in the lead for each of these players, and Bright has all but made it official that he intends on transferring to Charlotte. Now I havent been following Niners basketball but for about eight years, but I would say if we landed each of those guys, it would be our best recruiting class ever…

That would be just plain sick. That would/could be our starting line up in 2-3 years.

Impressive list of names. Getting 3 out of that group would be outstanding.

It would probably be the best class ever with Clark in there. I think Rodney, Demon, Cam Stephens, Butter, Nip, and someone else came in together in 2000-01. Rodney and Demon may have been in the previous class but sat out…I forget. Blh?

That would be correct. Rodney and Demon were supposed to first suit up in the “Helliwell for 3” season.