Indiana paper: Five things about Charlotte (Purdue Pregame)

Excellent pre-game article in the Journal & Courier in Indiana…


Also, a brief mention on

Charlotte is making its second NCAA appearance and first since 2003. The 49ers earned a spot with their first league tournament title, wining the Atlantic 10 with their first three wins in that tourney. They aren't ready to stop enjoying more firsts at a program that has had three coaches in seven years.

"We kind of feel the same pressure as we did a couple weeks ago,’’ 49ers senior guard Traci Ray said.

And in case you missed the [URL=]W-S Journal preview[/URL]

Ah, my apologies to Jim. The Observer just put up an article a few minutes ago…

[SIZE=5][B][URL=]Observer: 7 Seasons of Success[/URL][/B][/SIZE]