Indiana's still crying..waa! waa!

As i’m sitting there,innocently watching the Indiana Wisconsin game tonight,they cut to Erin Andrews(I think thats her name),who,by the way,has the FINEST rack in all of college sports…she’s interviewing the Ind. athletic director. He’s still bitching about the Plavich shot,and as he’s telling us all how the ref’s kinda missed it and blah blah…he has the balls to say…"we have a motto here at Ind. we never complain,or something like that…AS HE’S ON NATIONAL TV,PLEADING FOR THE NCAA TO REVERSE THE GAME OR SOME CRAP…WHAT A FRIGGIN BUNCH OF CRYBABIES!!

If that is the case I was just wondering if they could reverse what happened to the 1977 squad in the run for the National championship? What a bunch of morons still live off of the Bobby Knights’ golden years.

I remember what Dave Odom said one year about Wake that always remembered. “If you’re have to worry about one game to get you into the tournament, you probably shouldn’t be in.”

OMG!!! Indiana just got beat at the buzzer again!!! At Wisconsin!!! LOL!!! The basket counted! :lol:

Well they just lost on another last second shot so maybe they can count this one as a win too :rolleyes:

Yeah…Hey Coach Davis, let’s get that tape in the mail, ok? :lol: :thumbsup:

how much you wanna bet there is crying i wonder how many milliseconds could have went off the clock on the inbound…also there were complaints that it shouldnt have been inbounded at halfcourt, that would have taken time enough not to allow a third shot.

looks like memphis

Watching that game I thought it’s time for a new drinking game. Whenever Lavin is on the announce team you must take a shot or chug a beer everytime he mentions “UCLA” or “Coach Wooden”.

Of course you would pass out at halftime and wake up several hours later and have to check the net to see who won the game :smiley:

I couldn’t believe it when I heard their AD crying about our shot at the buzzer. They suck!

IU = Memphis

Absolutely classless. I wish Musburger would have brought up the fact that 0.6 was bled off the clock after the damn tip in that set up the half courter.

I guess Mike Davis would do anything to keep his job these days. I’m so glad they got beat last night…now that loser can sharpen up his resume.