Innovation Park sold

NEW: Innovation Park in University City, once home to an IBM campus, has seen a lot of change over the last decade. Now, two firms that closed on the $270M sale of the complex today want to add retail, offices, apartments, a hotel and more:

Is this what was the main IBM campus off WT Harris Blvd? Didn’t realize IBM left. My father worked there for years, and I worked there while in school for 3 or 4 years. Sister did also for a summer. Used to be closed off without a badge. LARGE campus.


Does IBM exist anymore?

Yep, they bought Red Hat for $34B in July.

They still have a fairly large presence here in Austin near where the MLS stadium will be.

Yes but they are more of a services company now. They sold their Hardware division to Lenovo.

Way more money selling software as a service than there is in hardware.

FWIW, IBM also owns Weather Channel and Weather Underground.