Interesting thread on NCSU Board

In my boredom at work today I was checking out some other team’s message boards. I ran across an interesting 3 page thread on the NC State board where they were comparing our program with theirs.

Does UNCC have a better basketball program than NC State? (I think you have to register to see it)

The thread has now been locked for no apparent reason, but it is still a good read if you are bored. A lot of them expressed interest in trying to get Lutz next year, and several of them were interested in starting a series with us.

That is a awesome thread!!!

Like most of their fans, I’d love to get a series with NCS going in the next season or two. I think wematch up against them really well, and it would give us some really interesting games.

Yeah, and it’s weird that the thread got locked. It seemed like pretty decent discussion when a mod just come in and says the thread has “run it’s course.” Whatever, though.

[b] We unquestionably have more talent on this year's team than Charlotte...[/b]

Id like to hear from him who? They are a one man team?

If we played them tomorrow, based on how each team is playing at the moment, it’s not even close.

I guess the moderator got tired of hearing the truth. What a jackass. I think he’s taking true ACC form.

RPI rankings of NC teams
1 Wake
2 Duke
4 Charlotte
5 UNC Greensboro
6 NC State(121)
7 Davidson(123) look who’s catching up. Will UNC Wilmington or Gardner-Webb pass them?

Someone needs to get Trout a WAAHburger.

That was funny.

The one that killed me was the guy who kept saying that State was way more talented than us, then did a head to head comparison where he gave the edge to every Charlotte player except Iti (I agree) & Plav (wash). Then he went on to say that the Pack’s bench players outclass ours because “Nance is a freshman” and Drayton isnt versatile…

One guy said we get by with our “excellent defense”. :blink:

Funny stuff :smiley:

We would kill State unless we foolishly allowed Sendek to dictate the pace. Even then, they simply couldn’t score enought ot beat us unless every single one of our scorers was having an off night. Even a lame effort like we had without Mitch at Cincy might beat them.

UNCG and NCSU could have a pretty mean rivalry. They could call it the “Battle for the Most Major Mid-Major.” they could hold the game halfway between the two cities in, say, Elon.