Is it enough to just make the NCAA's?

Those who defend Lutz say they remember when we used to not make the NCAA’s and point to Luts getting us to the NCAA’s as one of the reasons to keep Lutz.

Of the board as a whole…is that enough? Is it enough every year just to make it the NCAA’s, get hyped (which we have the past two years as a sleeper by the experts), and then lose in the first round but remain competitive? Is that enough?

NO IT ISN’T and I get pissed off everytime I walk into Halton Arena and see those banners for each year that the team made the tournament.

NCAA appearances should be listed on a single banner. The school needs to stop patting themselves on the back for just making the tournament…unless, of course, they are satisfied with that.

Hang a gosh-darn individual NCAA banner once you achieve SOMETHING after qualifying for the tournament.

Heck no. Winthrop just makes the NCAA’s. We should by that logic cut our program to a mid major level and just go one and done every year. My big problem with this team is every year Bobby sets his goal as the sweet 16. Every year he fails. That and 2 years from now we will be awful. If Bobby leaves he leaves the cupboard bare after next year.



Something has to give for us to move up to the next level. Sadly, moving to the A-10 puts a dent in that thought by itself. I have a sinking feeling that after next season we may be in for a slow downward spiral with only occasional peaks of success (see Xavier, St. Joe’s, Dayton etc). I’ll still go to the games and all that but it won’t be the same. We had one last chance at glory this season and blew it. From now on the road will be much harder.


Hell No

One word