Is the zipper finally open?

With Niners taking care of business on Sat, will a AP ranking finally happen? Or is it all Homers and glamour?

We have to get in line behind Maryland and Villanova.
Maryland needs to lose against GT for us to have a real shot.

Yeah, I don’t think we make it just with an ECU win. If we can win both ECU and Cincinnati Saturday, then I say definitely.

Iowa is probably out after their loss to Northwestern. But the Georgia Tech-Maryland game is an interesting case. The Yellow Jackets are in a freefall right now, losing their last three games. Their next two games are tonight against Wake and Sunday at Maryland, neither of which is a cakewalk. Maryland will more than likely jump into the top 25 if they knock off Georgia Tech, but at that point, they might just be taking the Yellow Jackets’ place. Also, Pacific plays CSU Northridge tonight, which isn’t terribly significant except they’re 7-2 in conference and second behind Pacific. The most important factor for us to stay in contention is to beat ECU though. And honestly, at this point I’d almost rather us wait until after the Cincinnati game to be ranked.

I may be wrong, especially since you can never tell with this poll crap, but marylands win over duke really doesnt matter that much to us. Our spot has opened last night thanks to Northwestern, and I think that if Maryland beats GT they will simply take GT’s spot in the poll. If they lose to GT, then GT will prolly just stay ranked.

But after all, WHO KNOWS!!! :rolleyes:

It really doesn’t matter I think if we get in this week … sure it would be nice, but if we get in this week and lose to Cinci it will be a short one week stay. I want us to get in and stay in !!

Part of it will be how we play at ECU. If we squeek by, that will weigh in the voter’s minds. If we win convincingly, I think we’re in. After all, this is an OPINION poll. Pacific was slightly ahead of us in votes in the coaches poll last week, and they play the #2 team in their conference tonight (C-S Northridge). Villanova plays at Rutgers on Saturday. As for Maryland, I don’t think they jump from no votes to Top 25 even with a win over GT. GTech plays Wake tonight, so if Maryland were to beat Tech it’s probable that Tech falls out anyway.

It’d be nice to get in this week because when we beat Cincinnati, it’ll allow us to move up in the polls. If we have to wait until we beat them, we’re merely enter at 24 or 25.