Ishmael Leggett - 2020 PG/SG - committed to URI

Niners have offered 6-2 combo guard of St. John’s College HS/Team Durant AAU in Washington, DC.

I’d LOVE if we got a hook in DC again… Some really really talented kids in that area

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Niners in his top six!

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Would be one of the highest rated recruits of Sanchez era. Impressive offer sheet


him and scott or fussell is a great class.

From late June:

There’s no way we let him commit to us now that we have Threadgill, right?? This team needs size more than anything…we NEED either Fussell or Scott if not both. With 2 guards and 2 low post players with offers out for just 2 schollie’s…you’d have to think we’d take the first guard to commit and then put the press on for Fussell with Scott as a backup option.

But what if Leggett were to commit…what would we do?

Just can’t imagine the coaches letting another guard take away the final schollie when getting a low post player is a priority and we have 2 of them coming in with late visits and a chance to commit.


I hate to say it but I’d be a little disappointed if Leggett commits and keeps us from having a chance to snag Fussell…or Scott fot that matter.

So weird to be in this position to have several highly desired recruits to fight over 1 last schollie when for YEARS we’ve had a ton of open schollies that we’ve been forced to fill with “projects” and “under the radar” types.

Good problem to have but I’m not sure what to expect at this point…I just know I want Fussell because I think he’s a final piece in a complete team going forward.

I think you answered some of your questions. We need a big to round out the class with only 1 opening left.

We are probably think it we have at least one transfer after the season as we normally have

In the final 2 with Rhode Island means we edged out Wake/Illinois/Depaul/USF. That’s not a murderers row, but still bigger “name” programs with better recent success, this staff can really recruit.

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I’m not commenting on any particular recruit, but I’m always a fan of taking talented players who want to play here. While landing a specific position is important and should obviously be planned for, there’s (i) no telling what will happen with the current roster (especially given today’s environment), (ii) no reason for us to be telling talented, highly-recruited players not to come here if they would like to, and (iii) no reason to believe that Sanchez & Co. don’t understand what they’re doing. I’m going to trust the system and hope we stockpile all of the great talent we can.


It would be a new day indeed for our program when we get to the point where we can “stockpile” talent here.

Pretty anticlimactic considering the other announcement made earlier today!

Good piece about Leggett’s commitment and why URI probably had the inside track during his recruitment. Even gets the references to the 49ers correct!

He is dead to me.


clt says we recruited over him. It is ok

In the portal: