Niners baseball starts today! Let’s start this season off right, GET 'EM NINERS!!!

do we need to sacrifice a live chicken?

I started it off by shit talking the GWU colonials. Asked them what it was like to always have to look up at the Niners in the standings.

My favorite quote from one of their players:

Me: Who are you here to play?
M: Good luck.
G: Well, if they are anything like the basketball team, it should be a breeze.

I wonder what the odds of my window getting knocked out by a foul ball at Willard Stadium are today. Looking forward to seeing the students’ new Heckle Deck in right field.

Story on High Point…

Yay! I love Dame Days!

Looking forward to tomorrow. Don’t let them slip up today HP.

I heard that the lower level reserved season tickets have sold out this year. Good to hear the baseball program gaining popularity.

3 to 3, second inning…

I told my other hald she’s going to the baseball game tomorrow and she told me neither one of us are going… but I’ll be there anyway.

5 to 5 going into the 9th

We lose 6-5

Yermal is a preseason AA type. He’s gotta come out stronger. 4IP 8H, 4R? It was 3-0 before he even threw a pitch, that should be a W.

Top 2 hitters go 1-10, that won’t work

Rivers is a beast, and I think we will have a great year.

I would go to the season opener against HPU, but couldn’t it be an hour later or something… I mean it’s the same day as the Xavier game, no ones gonna show up.

The Xavier game is at 2, the baseball game is at 4. I will probably go to both.

I mean, you’re still gonna miss part of it.

Dude, baseball games last 2 and a half to three hours. Missing the first 15 or 20 min of a baseball game is like missing the first few possessions of a basketball game. I wouldn’t get too worried about missing a little bit if I were you.

Don’t blow off the whole game bc you’re upset about missing the top of the first.