Jackson Simmons - PF - 2011

According to the article up about him on Mountaineer Illustrated he says he will be taking a visit to Charlotte this summer. He’s a 6’8’’ PF from Smoky Mountain High in Cullowhee.

I was in Cullowhee a couple of weeks ago. He would love our tall buildings and radio reception.

link to the article Ruckus mentioned --> link

Rivals profile - no rating

Scout profile - 2 star

ESPN profile - 85 rating

There’s a certain person on this board that should go scout him for us

85 on ESPN

Evaluation March, 2010: Simmons excels at scoring in the post with a perfected jump hook shot over his left shoulder. He also has a nice one-two dribble game with a nice mid range jumper. His ideal game is in the “pick and pop” situation. Simmons is also not afraid to bang with the big bodies down low. Terrific rebounder. He needs to do a better job on the defensive end because his length and athleticism are there. Expect big things from him this summer and next winter. July, 2009: Simmons is a highly skilled and intelligent power forward. He is the consummate glue-guy that every team needs to win. He will dive on the floor for a loose ball in the paint, kick it out to a teammate for an open shot and get out of the lane to avoid a three-second call to keep a possession alive for his team. Simmons is a warrior who wants to compete on every single possession on the floor. He is not overly athletic or a great outside shooter but will develop his range over the course of time. He works hard to establish position in the post and has great footwork and moves with his back to the basket. He also can turn and face the goal and finish with contact in close. Defensively, he battles on the boards and chases down loose balls. He is a very good defender in the post because he gets good position, we want to see him defend better on the perimeter.

looks like he played some AAU ball in the past with Tyler Lewis.

after watch some videos on Simmons, he has what looks like a deadly jumper from 12-15ft. could be a great big to have to work off of a pick n’ roll. It’ll be interesting to see if we target him. Looks to have some athleticism as well.

update with him on ninerreport.

He recently visited Butler.


this article was before his road trip to Butler.

The Fiance is going to grad school at WCU this fall…I’ll catch quite a few of his games up there im sure.


this kid strikes me as one of two options. either a.) he is a guy we think is going to blow up and we are getting on him early or b.) he is one of the guys that we are confident we can land in case we don’t land a higher ranked player. i do like some of the stuff i have read about him however.

Scout blurb

[url=http://charlotte.scout.com/a.z?s=428&p=8&c=1&nid=3988006]Jackson Simmons[/url], PF, Team Loaded: Lewis (the assist man) and Baru (the blocker/finisher) get much of the ink. Jackson is the lunch pail glue guy of the crew and he was outstanding in an easy win. He’ll be the kid in college who maxes out his talents and plays his role exactly how the coach envisions. He caught him get 16 and 10 in a game. Runs the floor, battles for boards and his touch is solid to mid-range.

Just reading on one of the Duquesne boards that the Dukes have offered as well.

per Rick Lewis on twitter:

Phenom Hoop Report: 6'8 Jackson Simmons of Team Loaded verbally commits to UNC today. He will walk on with chance to earn scholarship

Maybe Rick Lewis tweets about going where you are a priority was directed toward Simmons.

Just blows my mind. If you can not earn a scholarship now how many more Macky D AA will it take in the next 4 years to change that.

wow… hope he enjoys splinters.

Well if they didn’t offer him a scholar then he obviously isn’t one of their priorities.

Whats going to happen when the kid doesn’t get a scholar? Is he just going to have to pay his way through college or will the alum secretly pick up the tab?

will the alum secretly pick up the tab?[/quote]

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner