Jacobi Wright - 2021 PG - committed to South Carolina

NOTE: giving Wright a separate thread since Niners are in his final three.


From the State in Columbia:


Looks like he’d be a good get. Having Young ahead of him for two years might not work in our favor but hopefully we can land him.


i assume we are gonna accept whoeveer we can land first between him and a.j. smith.

i imagine we would use him off the ball as well so he wouldn’t have to simply be young’s backup.

Recruiting analyst Jamie Shaw interview with Wright from two months ago. Shaw mentions Niners at 6’ 18" mark and then Wright talks about us, Gamecocks, and Eagles - mostly in general terms - from 7’ mark on.

Supposed to hear today. Right?

Yes at 2 I think

His three finalists are Charlotte, South Carolina and Winthrop. That is an odd group, unless being near I-77 is a requirement.

this kid has a decent offer list. id say us, south carolina, depaul and st johns are his biggest offers.

clt wishes him well. Not gunna beat out young here.

If we had to choose between Wright and AJ Smith for a schollie…I’d take AJ any day …

have you had an opportunity to see either of thm play?

I know the coach for AJ and he has told me he is the real deal

do you think we have a shot with him?

Disappointed but not surprised that Wright chose the Gamecocks. Wanted to play close to home and no coincidence that he made his choice known on Father’s Day, plus the lure of the SEC etc. Apparently Frank Martin really wanted him since USC now one over on scholarships.

Anyway, “interesting” that neither Corey Evans nor The State mentioned the Niners being in the mix in their respective reports on Wright’s commitment. Hmm…

I actually think we do…we been on him first and the hardest… he seems like a stay at home kid to me #wishfulthinking