Jamelle Barrett PG - 2010 JUCO

Well, unless ESPN, Rivals, etc. are just messing with us, then there are still players available. Personally would like to see us go after players like Jonathan Graham, Cleveland Melvin, and Papa Samba Ndao, though I realize what we really need is another PG.

They’re out there, though not quite as many with each passing day. Just figured with a new head coach from the Midwest and assistants from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, we’d be going after some 4-year players for 2010 as well. Hmmm…[/quote]

They are? Where? Bottom line is we already have 9 players right now that everyone on here wants to see get minutes, all we need is a backup gaurd and we are set. I don’t think you are going to get a stud this late. I’d rather have 8 or at the worst 9 man rotation of.



We ran into too many players and not enough minutes last year. let’s give the coach a chance and see what he does.[/quote]

You are correct, but it is an absolute must for us to get a backup guard, especially a backup point guard. Whether it’s a PG/Combo guard it doesn’t matter. Whoever it is will get big minutes if he can play and I don’t care at this point if it is JUCO or not. We have a chance to be a really good team, but we have 1 final piece missing that could be crucial. Every team must have someone that they can trust to come off the bench and play the point. Whoever it is will probably play alongside Derrio or Deuce at different times of the game also.

Am I the only one here who would like to see us go after Bishop Daniels of Raleigh? I know he has ACC offers, but he would step into immediate playing time at pg and sg if he come here. Additionally, Rivals still has listed several top 150 guards available both JUCO and HS.

We need another guard, but I’m curious on what we’ve already got, Briscoe and Parks. I wonder how’d they fare if we didn’t sign another pg. Who knows?

Why so much Parks bashing. He came here in hopes of getting a scholarship not because it was the only place he could play. He really wasn’t given a chance to play. Some games he could have been in they just settled for the status quo.

Bishop Daniels is for 2011, not 2010.

Here is some footage of Barrett. He looks pretty good. Either way we need a guard.


[quote=“HXC Niner, post:27, topic:23246”]Here is some footage of Barrett. He looks pretty good. Either way we need a guard.


see the 3rd post in the thread 8)

I really hope the staff is all over Barrett now that Salter has chosen Hawaii.