Jamie Skeen - 2006

He is a 6’8, 200lb. forward from North Meck HS. He averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds in the regular season but the sophomore really shined in the state playoffs, averaging 22.5 points and 11.5 rebounds. He exploded for eight straight double-doubles including a 35 point game and on the second to last game of the year, he pulled down 17 rebounds.

His list of favorites now are: UNC, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Florida, and Florida State, but his overall favorite is Chapel Hill. Wake is the only school on the list that has offered. As has been pointed out numerous times, he is not Charlotte-bound…we have zero chance of landing this kid, which sucks since he is in our backyard.

They said he ended up going to Florida for MM, are we still recruiting him ?

The favorites now appear to be Wake, NC State, Clemson and Florida. He has offers from Wake, Clemson and NC State. We are still listed for him but doesn’t sound like we’re actively recruiting him (a sure sign we’ve made up our minds he is heading elsewhere), which has been known for a while (plus, we haven’t offered). Too bad, especially a kid this size in our own backyard.

I’m sure he’ll move up a lot from his current ranking.

Saw this on Jamie Skeen posted on Rivals.

[b] Nearby Charlotte hasn’t shown any interest in the local star.

“To be honest Charlotte hasn’t done anything and hasn’t contacted Jamie at all,” Lewis said. “I don’t know if they think he is out of their league or not.”


Is it worth a phone call to pursue him? We need another big guy. Most of those schools don’t.

“Out of our league?” :blink: :unsure: <_< :lol:

Who is Lewis?

[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Oct 21 2004, 01:29 PM [b] "Out of our league?" :blink: :unsure: <_< :lol:

Who is Lewis? [/b]

His coach at N Meck. We were on him before anyone. He and his coach have made it clear he wants to play in the ACC, preferably Chapel Hill.

Was that Demarco Johnsons school ?

Same school, different coach.

From today’s Big O…

No virtual reality, Skeen’s in control

[b]Skeen said he had been working on his shooting and his dribbling, that his team was focused and ready, and that his short list of colleges has been whittled to Wake Forest, Florida, Clemson, North Carolina, N.C. State and Miami.

“Everybody’s offered,” he said, “except State and Carolina.”[/b]

He’ll wind up at FSU, naturally.

Well everyone knows FSU provides the finest furs and pimp canes, just ask calapari.

He committed to Wake Forest. Contrary to most information and sites, Skeen was offered by Charlotte recently (according to Bob Gibbons at Rivals.com).

From Goode’s recruiting thread

J Goode is on ESPN2 tonight at 7. Y'all check him out. Rumor was he contacted a school near here, that I will not name, about transferring. I hear another former Observer POY is thinking the same.

I can understand the other guy, who’s sitting, but Jeremy’s is doing pretty well. I hope he stays. Fight the homesickness.

Jamie Skeen is an interesting possibility as this mystery transfer candidate. As dax reminded me earlier, WFU is basically bringing in an entire new frontline. Combine that with Skeen getting less starts and minutes/game this year and the math starts adding up.

He also could be a nice fit into Lutz’s system that allows big men to step out and shoot the 3 regularly. Discuss?

He is ver seldomely going to classes at wake. At on point in study hall my fiend over heard him saying he wanted to go hoe and chilll, he didn’t care about wake any more. Is vry likely that this is the mysterios transfer that you heard about…where u hear this…I didnt want to go on here and say something but what you said made since

Who are past Observer POY’s… anyone have a list, we can start there. I’m not from around here, and up until this year I never paid any attention to local talent.

I just don’t see where a guy who was POY in this area would return to the area to play for a much smaller school (Winthrop, Davidson), especially since we have a good core, and a couple open scholarships.

As I said in the other thread, I have a friend who lives in the same building as Skeen. He is going to find out the info for me, which I will then relay to all of you if I get it before news breaks.

Tis is very likely I kno two at wake thatover heard this convo and one of them is in class with him and the tutors are walking him to class he doesnt go that much… 5 times to all classes through the week before spring break…not a good percentage

From one of my friends at Wake Forest, who lives in the same building as Jamie Skeen:

[COLOR=Black][COLOR=#0F0595][FONT=Arial][B]XXXXXXX[/B](9:59:36 PM):[/FONT][/COLOR] all I know for sure[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black][COLOR=#0F0595][FONT=Arial][B]XXXXXXX[/B](9:59:39 PM):[/FONT][/COLOR] is that he has declared a major[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black][COLOR=#0F0595][FONT=Arial][B]XXXXXXX[/B] (9:59:45 PM):[/FONT][/COLOR] which we had to do this semester[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black][COLOR=#0F0595][FONT=Arial][B]XXXXXXX[/B] (9:59:58 PM):[/FONT][/COLOR] and that suggests he is going to register for classes next fall[/COLOR]

declaring a major doesn’t mean that someone won’t transfer. Not like its a lot of work to do that.