Jay Bilas Pre-Conference Awards

sorry, can’t link the page, espn insider, but nonetheless, here’s what he had to say about a couple of “awards”

Pre-Conference All-Tough Team

This team is for the toughest players, mentally and physically, in the nation thus far. This may be a harder team to make than the All-America team, and command more respect among coaches.

Aaron Miles, Kansas - Pressures the ball, never gets screened and always wins. The Joe Montana of college basketball.
Carl Krauser, Pittsburgh - He would throw his grandmomma to the floor to get a loose ball, but he’d pick her back up … after he scored.
Travis Diener, Marquette - Nobody works harder than Diener, and nobody gives more of himself. A great teammate, and he will find a place in the NBA. He’s a winner.
P.J. Tucker, Texas - I don’t care where you play him, or how big he is, I want this guy on my team. Period.
Curtis Withers, Charlotte - A terrific offensive rebounder, Withers plays hard, and doesn’t need the ball to play.
Chuck Hayes, Kentucky -I watched him play in Indianapolis this summer, and while people talked about his shortcomings, his team won every game. This kid is a winner.
Taylor Coppenrath, Vermont - Good hands, good feet, good demeanor. Coppenrath will play in the NBA.

Pre-Conference All-Defensive Team

Aaron Miles, Kansas - Keys the Kansas defense with his ball pressure, and reassumes pressure well.
Chris Paul, Wake Forest - Great hands and feet, and great anticipation skills.
Francsco Garcia, Louisville - Long and athletic, he can get steals, deflections and blocked shots.
Eddie Basden, Charlotte - Really strong and athletic, he can keep it from you, or bully you and take it away.
Shelden Williams, Duke - People make mistakes, so pencils have erasers. Duke has Williams.

Pre-Conference All-Deep Shooters Team

J.J. Redick, Duke - Deep range, sets his feet quickly, squares up, and surprises you when he misses.
Brendan Plavich, Charlotte - His buzzer-beater against Indiana was not lucky. The farther the better for Plavich.
Rashad McCants, North Carolina - Shoots effortlessly from anywhere. Best offensive player in America.
Salim Stoudamire, Arizona - Lefty streak-shooter who pulls up in transition. When he’s hot, he’ll bury you.
Keydren Clark, St. Peter’s - Small guard, big scorer. He’s as consistent a scorer as there is in college basketball.
T.J. Thompson, George Washington - Very opportunistic and takes good shots
Steve Novak, Marquette - Long and really accurate. Used well in pick-and-pop situations.
Jeff Horner, Iowa - Prototype Midwestern guard&tough, smart and can shoot the heck out of it. Love this kid
Gerry McNamara, Syracuse - The best at nailing the big shot when it is needed most.
Earnest Shelton, Alabama - Underrated. A deadeye from deep.

Bilas alays gives the niners lots of love

suprising too how much respect he gives up, being from the acc

[i]Originally posted by JNinerGreen[/i]@Dec 30 2004, 03:11 PM [b] suprising too how much respect he gives up, being from the acc [/b]
Could be that he's REALLY "fair and balanced".
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[b]QUOTE[/b] (49er1 @ Dec 30 2004, 03:17 PM)

Jay Bilas rules. Definitely my favorite Dukie.

[b]Jay Bilas rules. Definitely my favorite Dukie. [/b]

Jeff Mullins

Doesn’t hurt that he lives in Charlotte either - or that he and Gary Williams (FNZ’s) are buddies. But hell, who cares. Even if he IS biased FOR us, that would be a first I’ve ever heard of that happening for the Niners. So screw em all - long time overdue for us to get some love from the media, either national or local.

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Dec 31 2004, 06:58 PM [b]
[b]Jay Bilas rules. Definitely my favorite Dukie. [/b]

Jeff Mullins [/b]

Good point. Katie Meier is pretty cool too.

Got to say they thing I like the most about bilas is his actual journalism. You know, nor just spouting out why you like teams kind of like dick vitale, whose apparent only reason for liking teams is the coach is his friend. Bilas actually gives fair analysis, and is usually the one who goes against the grain, plus hes pretty hard on his alma mater but honestly dosen’t mention them with the frequency of some wannabes (vitale.)