JC Washington - 2016 JUCO PF - signed LOI to Charlotte

Committed today while on his official visit. 6’7 240lbs PF from Trinity Valley CC in TX, he originally went to Houston out of HS, and will have 2 years of eligibility. I’ve heard to think of him as the same type of big as ODU and MTSU, skilled passer too.

JUCO stats

Hopefully 6’7" is actual and not the 1-2" of fudging.

I’ll have to look him up. Where’s the usual posters all over the links for us slackers on here?

A quick google search shows he played at Houston his freshman year.

I think that this is a great commit for us.

Highlight videos: (from high school)



High School Recruiting Info:




Basically an across the board 3 star player on all recruiting websites.

Listed at 6’7" 210 coming out of high school and now at 240 so probably has put on a substantial amount of muscle. Should fit here as a 4. Encouraging to see him hit >40% from 3 point range.

I’d say good job by the staff. He averaged about 3 pts and 3 rebs in about 16 minutes per game for Houston as a frosh, then transferred to his JC. They only had 1 reg season loss and seemed to be the #1 ranked juco for alot of the season. They lost by 4 in the quarterfinals of the championships.

He and Leon Gilmore (Creighton transfer who we were recruiting - has he picked a school yet? updated to say yes - Colorado St) seemed like the 2 best bigs on the team and were both honored with 2nd team all region status. Their numbers were very similar.

I’m not worried about his size. That is plenty of size for CUSA.




While scouting Gilmore, we grew to like Washington more. I think Washington is more of a physical presence than Gilmore, which is what we need.

Having his size at the 4 is going to help us tremendously with defense and rebounding.

[quote=“JB, post:8, topic:30302”]Having his size at the 4 is going to help us tremendously with defense and rebounding.[/quote]I guess it is more size than we had last year, but I"m not sure I’d really consider 6’7 at the 4 size.

6’7" 240 > Playing a guard at the 4

6’7" 240 > Playing a guard at the 4[/quote]

Or Vanhook

high school highlight video.

ICYMI: Washington Breaks Down Commitment

Signed his LOI today.

clt projects that we will sign this kid.

Looking at that pic with MP, the kid doesn’t look 6-7.

Really? I thought that’s exactly how tall he looked (MP is 6’0"). He seems roughly half a foot taller than MP. Maybe it’s just hard to tell with my green-tinted glasses.

I assumed the photographer asked him to kneel so they could get his head in the shot. ;D