Jerry Richardson Stadium naming rights agreement


Agreed that he’s been mum in public. That’s why I’m curious if he offered more in the investigation.



Over the next 10-20 years, fewer and fewer people will know or even care who Jerry Richardson is. Those who have been fans of the Panthers from the beginning will never forget him, but names on buildings on university campuses get very little attention. By that time, how Jerry went out will be a footnote on his Wikipedia page, not the headline. All of this means there is no drama here as far as naming rights are concerned, as time will make his name on the building mean less and less.

I hope he regrets how he treated women through the years. Regardless of era, men treating women that way was never acceptable or something the majority of men did. Jerry was wrong and he is feeling the impact now. I appreciate all he’s done that was positive and especially all he did for Charlotte as a city and our athletic department. That’s also why I appreciate the graceful exit he has made. Best wishes to the Big Cat.



I just hope he has enough remorse to let us change “perpetuity” to 10-20 years. It was a bad deal, regardless of what he may have done.

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It sounds like some of you should organize a demand that the University refund the donation in exchange for nullifying the contract? Is that not a solution?



Hell, I say we keep the money and leave the name for as long as we need to. After all , it’s named after a dirty old man, not a convicted felon like app’s stadium still is.



I would prefer to have Jerry Moore stadium.

With that said Kidd Brewer did his time and though I am not an advocate of going light on white collar crime it is hard to point out a specific person harmed by what he did.

What Richardson did did not get him serving jail time but I bet there are many women connected to UNCC that would have much stronger feelings about having the JR named removed from the stadium as they do not want to be reminded or their own harassment. Also was there not some racial implications in some of JR’s notes and such. That may not play well in recruitment. If UNCC is the only offer to play college ball I doubt it would turn anyone away but if a potential football player is looking at multiple offers from Great5 schools I can’t imagine that would be a point in favor of UNCC.

Everything else aside there is something about the timing of this all. KB was in prison in 1963. App took the money and gave up the name knowing full well the history. There was no NDA that keeps sunlight shining on the entire situation. NDA’s in the public view make things look so much worse as imaginations can run wild.

It is a shame UNCC is having to deal with and I hope it is not something that is going to be an issue for years going forward.



I knew nothing about kidd brewer before this thread.



Kidd Brewer played at Duke, coached at App State and made a ton of money later in life.

"That man would be Kidd Brewer, and I only wish I’d known him when. He was a politician—an aide to two U.S. senators—who made his fortune buying the land where future roads would go. Nothing novel there, of course. But when, in 1963, he was sentenced to 18 months in state prison for bid-rigging, Brewer responded with a gala “going-in party” at his fabulous house high above Crabtree Creek, to which everyone who was anyone in the Cap City was invited. And when he got out four months later (what’s a little bid-rigging among friends?) and was asked about his future plans, he replied, “I’m going to peddle influence.”

Again, not one that likes seeing white collar crime not being dealt with harshly, but what a mike drop.

The full article from the quote is below which is really about Raleigh-



I had dinner at Crossroads (formerly Kidd Brewer’s house) when I lived in Raleigh. I don’t really remember anything about it except where it was. He was definitely doing something right (or something wrong) to have a house like that.



Probably more the later.



so we’re not ok with the naming of the stadium but ok with the field name?



It’s all tied together. We got 10M total from him for field and stadium.



Not sure why they do not just drop the “Jerry” and go with Richardson Stadium. The name would reference the family, which has done a lot in promoting football at Charlotte.



Our announcers are basically doing this already.



I noticed that. Nice.



I can’t believe this story is blowing up on the board, but looks like WSoc has gotten the documents regarding this.

Appears Phil Dubois has made his bed with the Big Cat.



They didn’t post the bottom of the hand written letter.

P.S. Phil can I shave your legs?



I just can’t believe that after 28 years of title 9 and “right kind of kids” being shoved down our throats at insane levels that this is the solution we came to on this particularly issue.




Time to raise student fees to cover the lost revenue?