Jerry Richardson Stadium naming rights agreement

I didn’t expect it to change, just wish there was some more transparency to the process.

Unless someone has seen something that I didn’t the following statement downplays the agreement.

“UNCC is under a 10-year naming rights agreement with Richardson that’s worth $10 million to the school through 2022.”

Also, why don’t they just do like Tepper did and be done with it. A simple statement should read, “While we understand the concerns of the students, faculty, alumni, and community at large, we are contractually obligated to keep the stadium naming rights as is. Once this contract has been completed we will seek future naming rights options.”

Simple and clean.

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Because the contract won’t end. Rights are in perpetuity.

The contract does have an end even though it is the destruction of the stadium.

Yeah, I don’t see that as a realistic out. But get your point.

I’m obviously not a laywer, but my understanding is that there was no morality clause put in the naming rights contract. So, is the only way out to give Jerry back his $10mil?

You’d have to find amicable terms with JR or take him to court. We have not received all $10m yet.

No morality clause and to perpetuity. So the best thing to do if you don’t want to give the money back is to make it seem like you cannot get out of the contract. Honestly they can’t get out, and I am not sure that they can just give the money back either. Jerry may just say no let’s keep the contract the way it is. Maybe his lawyers already told the University that.

It would be nice to know if discussions have occurred to remove the name and under what conditions.

BOT talked about it, decided not to make any changes. We aren’t going to hear any details on it.

We can also asked JR for more money than what is owed as we try to expand the stadium with his name on it. We know he has a few extra bucks around now.

While I have no issue with this, I’m sure a lot more sensitive people out there will say we are doubling down on our insensitivity towards victims.

Could be anonymous

If we are not going to change the name then we should double down. Those who are unhappy will still be unhappy, and everyone else will probably not care.

So, let’s get a conference call with Hill, Richardson and Tepper, and propose that JR give us $50 million more to expand the stadium, and Tepper gives us $10 million to support the program (and we kindly offer to relocate the Big Cat’s statue to replace one of our Stafford statues.)

Sell the unhappy people parking passes and let them protest on Saturdays in a zone that does not interfere with other ticket holders, because their whole point is that people should not force their unwelcome behavior on others–right?

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I’m thoroughly surprised Me Too hasn’t caught on to this given Jerry Richardson’s status. I willing the bet the BOT reconsiders if protesters start showing up to campus.