Jerseys tonight = one word AWESOME

They weren’t that awesome.

[i]Originally posted by Smoothieking[/i]@Nov 2 2004, 10:13 PM [b] They weren't that awesome. [/b]
Agreed, they were nice, but far from special.

Any pics of the new jerseys from tonight?

I like the shorts a LOT. Lettering on the jerseys is similar to the font used on the Rodney White team jerseys. Dark green color. Definite improvement.

i like that there are no players names on the back.

play for the name on the front, not on the back, maybe thats what the idea is

i loved them, especially because they don’t have wide shoulders…

no pics??


im eager to see these joints

I’ll get a few photos posted tomorrow. I’m road weary… High Point to the zoo in Asheboro today and back, then the trek down I-85 and back. I’m checking out a few local election returns and I’m down for the count.

BTW, I like the new uniforms, I think the road unis will be even better.

for home white jerseys i thought they were the best ive seen us have, i really liked the shorts. the reason i say for “white” jerseys is b/c i think away dark looks better always

I am very pleased with the uni’s. They have a very classic look. I can’t wait to see the green one’s. I only wish they had the logo on the leg of the shorts instead of the butt. They still look awesome. I hope they will have them available to the public.

I liked them alot. I would rather have names on the back but I understand the TEAM message. Wish the players would choose the right size. Goldwire’s jersey was twice the size of him.

Observer has two nice photos in the printed version. Nothing online yet.

Agree w/ Bojangles about where the logo was placed - Cinci has their logo in the same place and I always made fun of it. Still would rather have a circle on my butt than a paw print so I guess it could be worse.

Really liked the classic look. I don’t like the players not having the names on the back, but like Lefty & Chisox said - it’s a TEAM thing.

I just picked up my copy of the Observer, is it illegal to scan one of those pics and post it here?

For home whites, they were great. The C on the butt… I guess that’s a Nike thing.

I think the green road jerseys will be awesome, and I already want one. Please someone tell me where I can get one.

Anybody think that maybe they just haven’t had the names printed on the back yet? Didn’t get it done in time for the exhibition??

[i]Originally posted by bobblinlutz[/i]@Nov 3 2004, 09:31 AM [b] Anybody think that maybe they just haven't had the names printed on the back yet? Didn't get it done in time for the exhibition?? [/b]
From what I've heard, no last names on jerseys, CHARLOTTE is on the front. I guess they could change their mind and add them.

i hope they dont put players names on the back. makes it feel more like a team when there arent any

[i]Originally posted by Smoothieking[/i]@Nov 2 2004, 11:13 PM [b]They weren't that awesome.[/b]
what else do you want i mean why do you think they werent that great.. Did you like the And One or Reebok better? These Jerseys were very nice esp. the shorts.
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the shorts were PHAT!!! I want some BAD. Simple is so much better than ornate. More classy that way. I do, however, want the names on the back. I just think if I was a college athlete I’d rather have my name on the back of my jersey. That’s just me.