Jobey's summer league line 7/20

From the Clippers site in regards to a game on 7/20…“The NBA Stars, comprised of players such as Baron Davis and Tracy Murray, were no match for Los Angeles, as the Clippers dominated play from the opening tip to the final buzzer. They led by double digits for the majority of the game, as six Clippers finished in double figures in scoring. Guard Joby Thomas led the offensive barage with 19 points, while Forward Terrance Morris chipped in with 15 and seven rebounds.”

Jobey had a nice line on the box score…
7-9 F/g
2-3 3pt
in 29+mins

Clippers summer boxscore

sweet…keep it up Joby :headbang:

Here’s some more box scores. Oh yeah, they call him Joe out on the West Coast.

Clippers games

Isn’t looking too good from those other box scores…his MPG keep going down and no one on the roster seems to be a lock for making the team, if you are thinking about giving a guy a contract you don’t give him 15 minutes in a summer league game. but that latest was very nice, don’t know how many more games they have left, but hopefully they will give him more minutes.

keep playing well Joby!

Are players paid at these summer team games, or is this a “tryout” of some sorts for the NBA?

What’s the latest on Jobey?

They don’t pay but they do cover expenses and give a living stipend. It’s basically a try out to get a try out.

They did end up offering him to come play in their veteran’s league in August, however he decided against it since he already signed a great contract in Italy.
He’s playing for Ferrarro and this team is supposedly building around him there. The good thing is that he had a pretty productive summer league which pretty much assures he will be back next summer and keep himself in line for a shot.