Join the grand slam club or else

Get a sweet hat if you join the grand slam club. Coach Woodard is doing an incredible Job. They need a track man. Let’s get them a track man.


That’s the alternate cap. I think you guys will really like the uniform combinations when they roll them out.

Link? Is it affiliated with the school?

Yes, it’s through the foundation and counts towards your football parking

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A good percentage of my wardrobe has come from the GS Club over the years. :+1:

It will soon be time to make a donation to the 49er Club and I am thinking about designating part of it to the GS Club, and if it still exists, part of it to Women’s BBall (Eureka Club?). Any other sports have specific clubs/funds that I might help? Call this my way of specifically showing support for sports that are winning to demonstrate that I care about that.

You can probably designate whatever program you like. Eureka Club is defunct.

Where was this thread under Judy’s watch? I believe baseball will be more fairly funded under the current regime.

clt provides friends of Charlotte golf

Nugget thanks clt for pimping his links pals and will add this to his protest donation list.

I would have no Niner gear if it wasn’t for the GSC.

My Grand Slam Club box just arrived, and I feel like it is Christmas!