Jon Davis declares for NBA Draft

Nothing to lose by doing so.

Wow, at this point I dont believe there would be much interest.

It makes a lot of sense for him. He is looking at his ppg potentially dropping with less possessions on offense which could hurt his chances. Worst case he could go Euro and make some money and show his skills against professionals. I don’t see him not going pro somewhere next season.

not surprised. Id be surprised if he hired an agent. Id expect him back in college next year. Unless the pg class this year is weaker than next… then maybe.

Agreed. Why not go do the workouts and get the exposure. I think he will find out real quick he needs to stay in college

Doing this for the exposure I’m sure.
Not sure if he comes back here or not…but no way in hell he stays in the draft.

After the year he and we had…his draft stock is lower that it was his freshman year…in highschool

You do you JD !
Just have your ass back here in 2 weeks ! :love_you_gesture:

Probably a smart move by JD to test the waters. I doubt there will be much NBA interest but if he decides to come back, he better be ready to play some D!!

clt is also declaring for the NBA draft, but will not hire an agent.

He could realistically end up with more than 2000 points if he returns his senior season. Amazing, given that he could pull that off, be one of the program’s all-time top scorers, yet not be all that cherished because he played on such awful teams. Hopefully he comes back. If not, surely his next move would be to transfer over playing professionally overseas.

I thought that he dropped off from last year. He was not even scoring 10ppg until mid-Jan I think. I thought his overall play from defense, ball-handling, and shot selection was below par and he only average 17ppg due to the number of shots and going 1 on 5 for parts of the game.

I can’t imagine Sanchez wouldn’t want him back, though. As someone suggested earlier, keeping players is Sanchez’s first chance at showing how well he can sell his vision. I hope he gets him to come back.

Davis fits the style of defense that Sanchez will coach but as someone else mentioned, he will need to actually PLAY some D if he returns. On the ball pressure is critical for pack line defense so either way we need someone that can pressure the ball every possession for it to work effectively.

I love Jon Davis. That kid has been through the ringer and back. I will support his career wherever he ends up, but I would love to have another year of #3. And hopefully with a little more help.

On the flip side, I’d completely understand if he’s done with us at this point.

Winnimg can do wonders for the actual motivation to play defense. We have decent athleticism, so with some coaching and “buying in”, we can see big gains with Davis or anyone else on the current roster.

I think this is going to be good for Jon. He is going to get in front of the right people, and there will be “official” measurements of his size and performance which scouts can use next year, because he will not be playing against other NBA caliber players every night like P5 kids. It will help him to understand what he needs to work on, and give him the incentive to do it.

I think transferring is really unlikely because teams that need a point guard today will be turned off because he has to sit out for a year (at their expense), and teams that don’t need a point guard today can recruit younger players and get more out of them. I expect JD and Andrien to be back. I hope Garvin and the Serbs will stay, and I have to believe Murphy is going to love playing for Sanchez.

Not going to hurt anything by seeing where he stands. If he can make it in the league that’s ultimately good for us. You never really know until you line up your real competition.

There are really good players in the league that came from pretty obscure programs and are having good careers.

I support anything he can do to get into the NBA. I think if he hears under the table that he’s going to get picked in the second round then he will go.

This move pretty much ensures that he either stays in the draft or comes back to charlotte I would think. The next few weeks he’s going to be focused on working out for scouts, not talking to other college coaches who will likely be put off by the uncertainty of his situation, not to meantion the fact he’s not a grad transfer and will have to sit a year.

I would be shocked if it’s anything other than the draft or back to Charlotte.

No way in hell he’ll get drafted…even if there were 6 rounds. He’s getting good feedback on what he needs to do to get better and more NBA ready.

Even if he has a CUSA POY calibre season as a senior…he’ll still be lucky to even be considered to be drafted.

It’s a good process for him but he’s either coming back here or going overseas.

If JD is hearing a voice from under the table, that individual is there because he is extremely intoxicated!

Considering that probable national POY Jalen Brunson is projected in the second round, Davis is not getting drafted. That said, nothing hurt by going through the evaluation process.