Jordan Robinson - 2013 C - offer

6’9 225lbs C from Quality Education in Winston Salem, his kid is just a freshman and apparently we’ve offered him. Quality Education is a talent rich basketball academy.

RT @BounceCanadaAAU: Jordan Robinson '14 of Quality Education (NC) received an offer from UNC Charlotte today.

Rivals - no stars

Scout - 3 stars

ESPN - #89 in class, 3 star, 89 rating


ESPN player evaluation

Robinson is a wide post that plays hard and runs the floor pretty well. He impacts the game with his ability to rebound on both ends but is better defensively at this stage of his game. He has good hands which allows him to catch tough passes and finish drop offs created by dribble penetration. He can make a move over his left shoulder but is still extremely raw. Robinson can block shots on the ball with his length and timing and is a good post defender because of his size, strength and he does a pretty good job of playing with his hands up.
Robinson must work to improve and maintain a high level of strength and conditioning. He will need to develop a move and counter move as well because right now he is very raw on the offensive end of the floor. He also will need to have a better feel for the game and realize what to do in certain situations but this is contributed to be such a young player.
Bottom Line:
Robinson has great size and strength for his age. He rebounds and defends and can finish with a angle to the rim. As he continues to get into basketball shape and develop his post moves Robinson’s game will take off. He has all the tools to be a very good post player with continued improvement.

per Scout

[font=Arial]Jordan Robinson, C – Big men with great hands and soft touch inside are often hard to come by. But Robinson, a 6-foot-8, 235-pound post prospect out of Winston-Salem (N.C) Quality Education, fits the bill. He carved out space inside and, finished around the rim and showed a go-to move in a jump hook over his left shoulder.[/font]

recently visited Charlotte, along with teammate Tevin Findlay & Willie Clayton.

now a 3 star, 89 rating at ESPN. They have him listed #89 in the 2014 class.

How old is he? 15?

We need to get this guy soon. Project to be 6-11 or 7’0

Jordan Robinson 6’9 240 C 2014 Quality Education Academy (NC)
Robinson had great hands for a big man, posseses a nice game around the post and can get alot of rebounds. He has been offered by The University of Arizona, UNC-Charlotte, and Seton Hall University according to Quality Education Academy Head Coach Issac Pitts. He played AAU basketball with loaded CIA Bounce ouf of Canada.

He is now, per several reports a 2013. Blurb from a Rivals article:

[font=verdana][size=12px]The leader of this group of prospects is 2013 big man [/size][/font][font=verdana][size=12px][url=]Jordan Robinson[/url][/size][/font][font=verdana][size=12px]. At 6-foot-8, 230-pounds, Robinson is described as a rebounding machine by Pitts. [/size][/font][font=verdana][size=12px]He listed Charlotte, Duquesne, Hofstra and Princeton as the group of schools strongly pursuing Robinson at this point.[/size][/font]

Jordan Robinson 6’9”, F (Quality Education Academy, Winston-Salem, NC)

Strong and physical player. Runs the floor and moves very well for a player his size and build- fluid movement, moves like a 6’6” SF, not a 6’9” power player. Solid back to basket game with a good drop step move he used repeatedly to score today. Establishes solid post position- posts up hard. Blocks and alters shots. Demanded double teams because he was dominating offensively. Several D1 schools have offered scholarships including UNC- Charlotte and Hofstra.

hope we get this guy and he grows to 7’+. we need something for when Braswell leaves after next year.

He sounds like a big time player. Having a teammate on our roster can’t hurt.

Player: 6’9 Jordan Robinson Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC School: Quality Education Academy Class: 2013 Evaluation: What’s not to like about the 6’9 man-child Jordan Robinson! Robinson is a high major prospect that combines the strength, muscle, power along with finesse. Robinson is a wide bodied PF that can play with his back to the basket or step out and consistently knock down the open 15 foot jumper. Robinson has excellent form, technique and fundamentals on his jump shot. Robinson has an enormous wingspan and his long arms and athleticism allow him to rebound his area with authority. He is a two handed rebounder and once he captures the ball with his huge hands, his handprints are definitely on it and it screams “it’s mine.” Robinson has excellent footwork in the low post area and does an exceptional job of establishing position and has the unique ability to pass out efficiently to open perimeter shooters. Once he passes out of the low post, he is advanced in re-establishing low post presence. The highlight of the day was his physical encounter with Caleb Martin as the two tangled up in a fierce and competitive match up that is not often seen in a camp setting. Robinson was equally impressive on the defensive end of the court and used his length, power and size to intimidate the opposition. Back in February, we stated Robinson is a sleeper at the high major level and his play at the NC Phenom 150 camp only solidified our previous opinion.

FYI, those Phenom Hoop Report articles are written by Colby & Tyler’s dad Rick Lewis…

Here’s another one about Jordan:

[b]Player: 6’9 230 lb. Jordan Robinson [/b][b]Class: 2013[/b] [b]Evaluation:[/b] Robinson is averaging 12 PPG and 14.5 RPG and this is just the beginning for this young man. First of all, Robinson improvement from the beginning of the season to now is impressive. According to Coach Pitts, [b]“Jordan Robinson has completely changed his body structure[/b] [b]by losing 25 pounds and increasing his overall strength[/b].” Robinson has an enormous wingspan and his long arms and athleticism allow him to rebound his area with authority. He is a two handed rebounder that anticipates missed shots extremely well. Coach Pitts stated [b]“Jordan [/b]Robinson is as a complete post player he has seen on the high school level.” He is explosive and active and those are two key ingredients you like for a PF/C. While he has excellent low post moves, he can create a mismatch with his ability to step out and knock down the open 15 foot jumper. Robinson has excellent mechanics on his jump shot and a soft touch around the basket. He also sports a nifty jump hook shot around the rim and can use either hand. If his improvement over the next year is equal to that of the past year, we are talking about a “sleeper” for high major schools.

2K, you heard anything else on this guy, he would be a perfect get for us next year. Don’t see much new on his rivals page.

[quote=“EE9er, post:13, topic:24673”]2K, you heard anything else on this guy, he would be a perfect get for us next year. Don’t see much new on his rivals page.[/quote]I haven’t seen his name mentioned in some time. Last time I saw it, some stuff made it seem that he was 2014, confused me.

EDIT: According to team rosters, he’s a Sr:

He’s listed as a senior on QEA’s roster from their website.

QEA plays in Charlotte at United Faith on January 3rd, and against Kennedy Charter on January 25th.

Couldn’t find any stats for QEA.

Committed to Duquesne. Pretty sure we have been out of this for a while, focusing on Atewe.

Per the P-G, he chose Dukes over Charlotte and Hofstra. Duquesne lands top Canadian recruit