Josh Smith - 2012 C

i thought so. what kind of shot do you think we have at kennedy meeks? he did say we were one of the schools that stood out for him.

I highly doubt we have a shot a Meeks. I’ve heard he probably ends up at G’town.

how many of these recruits have you seen play. i like our shot at clayton. he sounds a lot like kj to me from what i have read. where would you rank each recruit in terms of likeliohood that we get them? it definitly sounds like we are going heavy after a shooting guard. some of the names impress me, while others, like haywood, dont.

Olympic (NC) PF Josh Smith added offers from Drexel, High Point,Tulane, Ohio, Western Kentucky, North Florida and Clemson this week.

Wake Forest is reportedly close to offering Smith as well. App St is his leader for now.

Committed to Clemson.

I can’t believe he ended up in the ACC. Great kid and a good HS player, but he’s just not athletic enough to play on the wing and not tall enough for the post in college. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it from his game.

no offense to the kid but i hope he is not better than expected. the more mediocre talent in the acc the better.

6’7" Trevor Booker did well at Clemson.

Y u no wish him good luck?

6’7" Trevor Booker did well at Clemson.[/quote]

Booker was an athletic beast.