Justin Seymour - 2012 SG - offer - transfer to Murray St

Charlotte has offered Justin Seymour from Campbell HS in Smyrna, GA. Played AAU ball with the Georgia Stars

Rivals - no stars

Scout - no profile

ESPN - no profile

Here is a site with some info and video.

some videos of Seymour

Justin Seymour Campbell HS Class of 2012 Dec 2009 Mix

Justin Seymour #23 6’2" Georgia Stars 15U Spring 2009

Justin Seymour 2012 MixTape

Justin Seymour - Going Off At - Peach Jam - Interview

Justin Seymour Campbell 87 wins @ Walton 85 in OT 2-05-2010

On The Radar Hoops-Justin Seymour King Nation Top 120 Highlights

Justin Seymour 1-14-2010 Campbell HS vs Wheeler HS

Hustle-Hard-Hoops Justin Seymour Elite Eight Showcase

Thanks 2K. Those videos show he can shoot when open. I wonder how he plays D.

It seems like we’re going after players from Georgia now. I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Georgia has started producing lots of good basketball players. More than they used to.



can’t watch the vidoes here at work. but let me guess, does he shoot 100% ? because we need a 100% shooter!

[quote=“cibik02, post:7, topic:24471”]can’t watch the vidoes here at work. but let me guess, does he shoot 100% ? because we need a 100% shooter![/quote]I’ve never seen him miss, lol

Maybe someone could compile videos of guys we are after shooting airballs and fouling and put it on the web.

From that angle, it looks like there is no way he made it to the rim.

Looks like he’s still elevating to me.

dude is soaring through the air like a beautiful swan… he’s not even gonna hit the net!

2012 SG Justin Seymour Campbell HS (GA) dropped 30pts yesterday in a win over Pope HS (GA)

won tonight, 56-51, had 22 & 8

clt hopes we see more of this kid.

He was at the Georgia Tech game behind the bench with family

Our bench?


Good to hear, thanks for the update truninersfan.