Kelvin Sampson(Former Indiana,OU Coach)

If Tim Floyd can get hired at UTEP, why not hire Kelvin Sampson to come back home to North Carolina as the head coach of UNC Charlotte.

Of course we’ll have to explain it to the NCAA but maybe 1-2 years of probation for the hire is worth it in my opinion. He can and would turn UNC Charlotte into a consistent Top 25 basketball program.

No thanks. I want the program to be run clean.

John Calipari is the highest paid coach in college basketball.

Sampson has learned his lesson, nobody uses phones anymore to talk to recruits. This isn’t 2007. He can just contact them via Facebook. :slight_smile:

Remember WVU hired Huggins. They’re in the Final Four.

Owns a house in Waxhaw… and he is also a horrid idea who I would rank below a 6 foot high stack of shit.

Sure sounds like one of his dumb ideas.

Huggins never had NCAA sanctions from any school. Sampson has them from 2 schools.

No thanks.

we had a clean program. look where that took us. after reading a majority of the posts on this, winning is everything. in the long run, it’s what gets people fired. winning makes everyone happy. for charlotte to compete and win at the level everyone expects, clean is not the quality we are looking for in a coach. when rose offers $150k to the next coach, clean is what you will get… [quote=“The Lax, post:2, topic:22936”]No thanks. I want the program to be run clean.[/quote]

Side note: I read, heard today the plans for what channels and such are broadcasting the press conference for our new coach, which considering I havent heard this until today, makes me think we do have a very short list and are just waiting for Phil and Judy to get together and make a decision…Early next week?

I’m assuming this is an April Fools joke.

Just in case this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, Kelvin Sampson has a show-cause penalty by the NCAA effective until 2013

[font=sans-serif][size=13px]“In the National Collegiate Athletics Association, a show-cause penalty is an order saying that a coach involved in major rules violations at a university’s athletic program may not be hired by any other NCAA member institutions without permission from the Infractions Committee for a set period of time.”[/size][/font]