Kennedy Meeks - 2013 C - Offer

Big man [b]Kennedy Meeks[/b], a 6-foot-8, 250-pound class of 2013 center at West Charlotte (N.C.) High, was working out at his high school during the evaluation period when he saw Wolfpack assistant [b]Bobby Lutz[/b] watching on the sideline.

From a article in April:

Which schools are sticking out right now?

“Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Xavier, North Carolina, Clemson and UNC-Charlotte,”

If we can still ‘stick out’ with those group of schools after our recent history, that gives me hope if we can ever string together a few good season in a row.

same school as Curtis Withers.

Puzzling…so the University of North Florida, whom I’ve never even heard of, is interested and we aren’t? What?

we’ve expressed interest. One of Meeks teammates from last year will be at North Florida this Fall, Jacoby Davis.

He is not going to N. Florida.

One of two A-Sun members located in Jacksonville - the other being one-time Niners’ Sun Belt Conference-mate JU. UNF hasn’t been D-I very long (only became tourney eligible in 2008-09), but did make it to the A-Sun men’s hoops championship game this past season, where they were pasted by Belmont.

We lost to one of those schools, in Mullins era, we were like 5-2, and played against them, not sure which Fla team, but they were d2.

Think they beat us like 15, check the record book.


[font=Arial]Kennedy Meeks has offers from Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Miami, North Florida,Charlotte, Massachusetts, Wake Forest, Charlotte, Louisville, and Maryland. AlsoGeorgetown is remaining in the picture without an offer. [/font]

We’ve offered twice? Nice.

he’s a big boy, may need 2!

I Love this kid! Think we could be a program changer. I think we have given up hope but would love it if we could have a great year and change his mind.

From what I’ve heard, we have zero shot at Meeks.

Click on his Rivals link and see who the primary recruiter is for NC State going after him… guess he had such a great relalationship with West Charlotte when he was here, cause we landed all those guys from there and everything… ::slight_smile:

Anyway we land this kid?

[quote=“keeper768, post:36, topic:23611”]Anyway we land this kid?[/quote]No.

No chance at all.

4 stars now on Rivals. Up to #32 over all on ESPN and listed as 6’9" and 275lbs! :o

So you’re saying there’s a chance