Klugh Props

Just wanted to give HUGE props to Klugh for his senior day game!

Wow…just wow.

Easily our best offensive game of the year…16 for 22 for 256 yards (to 7 different receivers) and 48 yards rushing. He led the team to 5 TDs in 6 trips to the red zone and 534 yards of total offense!!!

Where was this Klugh last year!!! If the offensive coordinator made THAT big of a difference it makes we wish we would have started Klugh all year. Coming off of last year…no way Lambert could have done that…but in today’s game, he was easily the best looking QB we’ve had all year. He ran when he needed to run…he had touch, arm strength, accuracy, poise…he looked like a D1 starting QB today.

And he did it against a legit team…one that’s going to probably play for the CUSA title.

It’s just one game…I get it…and it’s impossible to play the what if game…but what if Klugh started all year…assuming he looked like this?? Lambert would have been KILLED early…but could have saved his job.

Either way…way to go out on senior day Klugh. Big props to you…happy for you!!


Thanks for the loss klugh!

Defense lost us that game…not Klugh.

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The only thing bad part of Klugh’s game today was his since of urgency on the last drive. Seriously 8-10 seconds on every play to snap the ball.

Klugh played exceptionally well today but I wish guys that have eligibility left got more reps.

Klugh put on a performance today that few of us thought him capable. He deserved to get a W.

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clt says that was a nice move by lambert on his way out

Almost as bad as your grammar…

Lowered Expectations

Our next head coach?

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I’ve been very critical of Klugh, but he played great yesterday. I’m very happy for him.

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Take some time out from trolling.


I will give him props for not throwing a pick six. Nice to not see that.


Again…call me crazy…if we start Klugh all year (and no way Coach could do that coming off of last season and bringing in 2 new QBs)…but gotta feel like we would have won at least another 2 games.

Great way for Coach and the Seniors to go out!
100% #goldstandard

Proud as hell of them and their effort…and to keep that punk ass Kiffen out of a Bowl is icing on the cake.

Thanks again Coach Lambert…good luck on your next destination!


No. No.

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Hind site is 20/20 but not playing Klugh cost Brad his job.

I wouldn’t have done it either.

No. He wouldn’t have played this way all year. It was ALL about the running game. That wouldn’t have worked all season. Reynolds was the best option.


Absolute class move by Klugh to give Lambert the game ball. Despite a really rough season last year, Klugh always gave everything he had on the gridiron and I’ll always hold him in high esteem for that.


I’m with you Uville.

I’m more thinking about him play against Tennessee and beyond instead of Shirreffs.

I think you are right if you are insulting that Klugh gets exposed the more he plays.

I also think he was the qback in our most fun games.

His rushing ability and his scrambling ability when pass blocking breaks down is so far above what any other QB on our roster can do…it’s a HUGE advantage when he’s in. The only con was his passing…which looked superior to the other QB’s over the last 2 games (he had about 3 -4 drops yesterday).

Add his rushing, scrambling…to better passing?

I’m sure he would get schemed against too…but he certainly brought a myriad of weapons to the QB position that no other QB could…and passed it just as well if not better too.

No way that wouldn’t result in at least 2 more wins.