Knight Commission survey: P5 plurality favor major NCAA restructuring

This is a good idea. Create a tournament for all 4 divisions in football.

Sounds like garbage.

So essentially we’ll be FCS after all…

As it relates to football, there are 4 divisions already. No real change

If this quote happens, it kills all of our sports. It makes us d2 in everything except bball. But let’s be honest, if we’re d2 in everything else our bball will might as well be d2.

“such as creating a new division for Power 5 sports, in all sports except basketball”

Refuse to play the breakaway schools in any revenue sport. See how long their fanbases like going 1-11 in football and 5-25 in hoops, year after year. Ditto the coaches of the non elite P5 programs. They’ll have to install turnstiles in the coaches offices at those programs.

Also, enjoy losing at least 1 home football game per season, plus nearly the entire non conference schedule for programs like Duke and Syracuse.

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P5 would eventually split in hoops too or at least pretty much attempt to relegate the other 27 conferences to perpetual one bid leagues. Especially with the recent news that they are looking to increase the membership on the basketball committee to ensure that all P5 conferences are always represented.

No one cares about D2 teams. Anything other than d1 would suck. It would be like MLB. Everyone else will be farm teams for the P5. Especially with changing transfer rules.

I somewhat care about baseball and soccer with the chance for the championship. The “fcs” championship in those sports wouldn’t mean much to me.

Lots of talk these days about how unfair it is that coaches & athletic departments are making millions while athletes don’t get paid. Of course that’s only really happening at the P5 level mostly because they make 30 to 50 times what we make from television revenues. Why not just split that revenue evenly among all P5 & G5 conferences. That would eliminate the uber wealthy athletic departments and level the playing field. Not a snowball’s chance in hell of happening but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than splitting the P5 off so they can further consolidate their wealth.

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There were 22 leagues with 1 bid in 2019 and 24 in 2018. They have already been relegated.

Forego the huge paycheck and bankrupt your AD. That’ll show them.

Every day that passes pushes me closer to walking away from college sports.

I think you have it backwards. College sports are walking away from you.
(and me)


I’ll walk away from pros before college…but I get what you are saying.

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Ive pretty much already ditched prosports for all kinds of reasons. If the field tilts too far against us - transfer rules, NIL, etc - whats the point?

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In a related move towards P5 supremacy, the DI Council has voted in support of expanding the respective men’s and women’s basketball committees from 10 to 12 members each. There are two proposals on how to get to a dozen, with one in which each P5 (autonomy) conference is represented on the committee.