Knight group recommends FBS split from NCAA

Sobering read.

It doesn’t address Title IX, which is probably the primary roadblock to the plan. It’s not stated but it sounds like they are working on a rationalization around it.

As for the break, I hope it is along FBS lines. Logic tells me it makes the most sense for the P5 to bring along the G5 to play punching bags so they can have winning seasons and more home games. But greed is powerful.

I do agree with the article though… I think change is coming.

Also, if this happened, I wonder if it would not only open the door but almost compel regional conference reorganization for all other sports? So your football program is in the SEC,but everything else plays in a totally reconstituted sun belt?

I hope Mike Hill is as nimble and we’ll connected as we think he is. This next shakeup will be huge, and I think it happens by 2023.

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Well once the FBS breaks perhaps we see a shake up of the FBS leagues. Perhaps we see FBS break with X number of openings and we see some movement up and down. I think we could have a big opportunity.